You and Your World

You and Your World

Another way to understand yourself more fully is to feel confident and powerful in your world. Some people are more comfortable learning about themselves on a deeper level in an area where they are more familiar. Or maybe you want to navigate the change that is all around you today, find meaningful work, have more information on how to savor life as you age or shift your relationship to money. Men are welcome for all these courses.

What’s right for you? 

With life changing so fast we have developed courses to take a deep look into the culture and examine aspects of modern living that seem to mystify if you don’t look beyond the surface. Of course, our goal is always to empower you to have what you want ~ and that is different for each person. We are not selling a point of view, “do this, don’t do that.” Rather we are illuminating what human beings do and opening up various areas for investigation, so that each individual can create a way of looking and a course of action that works best for her.

Open up to the possibilities that are present.

Life Works is here to shine light on things often hidden, overlooked or taken for granted as unchangeable. We show you how to create what you want for a part of your life you may have previously thought could not be changed. Currently, Life Works has clarified and demystified change management, finding meaningful work, psychological planning for retirement and how we exchange with each other ~ all at the request of our participants. Join us for an enlivening weekend and leave with more of you present in your life.

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