You and Your Intimate Relationship

You and Your
Intimate Relationship 

Our culture has relationship upside down and backwards, especially in view of cultural shifts that have empowered women over the last 40 years. Some modern men wonder if we even need them at all. At Life Works we believe we not only need them but also they are fun to have around and are a natural fit for us. In fact, every woman who is working in her own way to make life better, deserves a good man by her side to encourage and comfort her. How’s that for a cultural shift?

Relationship tending . . . 

Women are the keepers of relationship and the source and stand that nurtures both women and men. That is not to say that men don’t nurture and desperately desire a relationship. It is just more natural for us to make sure everyone is taken care of, find our creative self-expression and keep the home fires tended. It is a role that we have had for eons.

Open up to your best in relationship.

With every large shift in human relations comes a time of reevaluation and change. We are at the forefront of thinking and practice about relationships. For almost 30 years we have offered our most famous course ~ Having What You Want With a Man Weekend ~ designed to do exactly what the title states. We help a woman look into her history and heal, forgive, and release what doesn’t work. Every woman has some out-dated and bad information about men that needs to be shifted. Then we encourage her to get clear about what she is looking for in a relationship, becoming a beacon for those qualities, attracting into her sphere a man who has what she wants. And that is different for every woman.

Develop your Female Power. 

In our book on the subject, There Is NO PRINCE, we liken finding a relationship to choosing items from a menu in a restaurant. It is much simpler than we were taught and has nothing to do with weighing a magic number, having a certain hair color or one more piece of makeup or clothing. Rather, we believe men are attracted to clear, powerful, female women who know themselves and what they want, who can be authentically gentle and yet know how to be strong. 

Learn How to Be Cherished. 

We also believe that men have a lot to teach us, once we understand who they are. They love us from a deep place that we may have difficulty understanding though we long for the feeling of well-being it brings us. Many of them really know how to have fun and they can bring incredible joy to our lives if we remember not to become their mothers. When treated well they will cherish us ~ which we more fully discuss in our book How to Be Cherished.

Empower your relationship!

So why do relationships seem so hard for many modern women? And once women find a great guy, why do they still live in the fear of the perilously high divorce rates? Instead of expecting the fairytale prince to come and rescue you, learn that every man can be princely from time to time when treated well by a good woman. We are, after all, the ones who decide what princely is and we let him know when he is ~ a prince. How’s that for having power in a relationship? 

Life Works is here for you.

Welcome to the doorway to the world of modern relationships. We hope you will enter to learn more about having a great guy by your side who wants you to be happy. They are everywhere! Thousands of women before you have found one . . . after they learn how to look. And it may be very different than you think.

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