You with Yourself

You with Yourself

The core of the work we do at Life Works is your relationship with yourself. It is the most important connection you will ever have and is with you every moment of your life recording all your triumphs, fears and shading every experience. It is sometimes called self-esteem, inner-self or your psychology and is thought to be a gift of your birth and a result of your culture. At Life Works we can show you how to build a nurturing relationship with that deep, intimate part of yourself via intention, forgiveness and practice. Our goal is to show you how to love yourself ~ first. 

Find and become your authentic self.

What we offer is in response to the monumental changes happening in our culture and the efforts of some of the brightest and most questioning women, working to change the role of women in our world. We encourage each person to make her own unique contribution to the planet. 

Connect with your true nature. 

When you can love yourself and your femaleness, you enjoy the rewards of being connected to your true nature. Some years ago some of us tried to be men but that never worked very well though it may have been an experiment that needed to take place in our evolution. When you are truly yourself you access the deep well of your femaleness ~ your intuition, tenderness, open-hearted generosity, powerful communication skills, the ability to nurture yourself and others, which leads you to desire well-being and peace for yourself and others. All these skills and talents are your birthright and qualities that the world needs ~ desperately.

Experience full expression.

At Life Works we believe we are here to experience the full expression of being human which includes anger, pain, fear, sadness, humiliation and joy. These are the various colors and temperatures of what being truly alive is all about. We think that a portion of female power may be dissipated by many women who take drugs to escape feelings instead of being fully alive or forging a relationship with themselves and solving the conflicts inherent in a fully participating life. The possibility of knowing yourself more fully is a practice ~ sometimes easy, sometimes hard, sometimes painful and always full of the potential joy of being alive.

Focus on loving yourself fully. 

We live from the premise that if you focus on loving yourself fully and forgiving yourself for your inevitable mistakes, while having compassion for yourself and others, you will thrive no matter what happens. It may not feel good in the middle of an upset, however Life Works encourages participants to develop a practice of wakefulness to intuition and using guidance through the “stimulating” times.

Realize your potential.

It is an exciting time to be a woman, so many choices are open to us, so many opportunities! Yet our most authentic need is to tend our first relationship ~ with ourselves. Then comes the ability to determine what is important to us. Then remaining true to ourselves comes naturally, no matter how the exploration of our femaleness calls us to realign. We will be less likely to get confused or depressed trying to “figure it out” because we are being led by our softer, quieter authenticity.

Accept your bonus.

The bonus is that when you love yourself, you will bring to yourself things that are good and right for you. And that includes . . . 

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