Why Take the “Having What You Want with a Man” Weekend

Why Take the “Having What You Want with a Man” Weekend Because . . .

Every woman deserves a man who can stand behind her and applaud as she blossoms. Every woman deserves a man who can be a best friend, consort, cheerleader, listener, cuddler, financial partner, father to her children, companion, and fellow traveler . . . a man who is an asset to her life. Every woman deserves to have a man who supports her and cherishes her in the way she wants. And every woman deserves to have her own life, a life that doesn’t necessarily center around a man’s. Every woman deserves to create the balance that works for her—and choose the man and the relationship she desires. In short, every woman deserves to have what she wants with a man.

If you’re wondering why you don’t already have what you want, you are in good company. Millions of smart women like you have been asking themselves the same question ~ intelligent, successful women who don’t have what they want with a man. Many of them have spent their time building careers, having busy lives, and putting off the question of marriage and family until later ~ and one morning they wake up to find that “later” has arrived.

Over the past few decades, women have made incredible breakthroughs in the areas of career, politics, and just generally choosing how to be. We have come a long way toward having what we want in so many areas of our lives. Yet we are still trying to figure out who we are supposed to be in relationship. Can we have a successful career and a successful relationship? Do we have to give up our careers to have a man? Is it okay to want to stay home and have children? Is it possible to be independent and also have a man in our lives? These are the relevant questions women everywhere are asking today and the reason so many of us have deferred having what we want with a man.  

~ Taken from Introduction There is NO Prince by Graman and Walsh