What Women Say About The Gathering

What Women Say About The Gathering 

The Gathering for me is a weekly wake up call ~ a reminder that I CAN have what I want in my life. It provides a safe place to get in touch with my higher self and uncover what's in my way.

I think the Gathering reminds me that I'm not alone, floating on an island when doubts arise. The conversation often turns to shared fears and challenges and the ensuing conversation usually reminds me that I'm in charge of my power (not my l.g.) and that is very grounding.

No matter how I am feeling on that evening I know I will come out feeling more grounded and happier by attending my Gathering. It is a place to go where I never feel judged, receive guidance and tools to make my life run more fluidly. I hate when I have to miss a session due to work related events.

The Gathering has been very important to me over the years, and I've found great wisdom and support from an interesting group of women led by Marilyn. We've seen each other through challenging times and laughed and cried together.

Meeting weekly at the Gathering is my way of staying connected to the work we do at Lifeworks ~ a constant reminder that even though “Life Happens”, there is always a place to sort things out in a safe environment. It is a place where ones’s life can be shared, and where I am confident that whatever is said will be heard without judgement—and with complete understanding and support.

The Gathering is my anchor in the storm. It's where I do not hide myself. It's where I am myself. Sometimes it is the very first place that I am something new, the first place where I declare myself. Everyone yearns for such a safe place. I found it.

23 years of wisdom, support, love and we don't even need to know each other's last names! The Gathering is my weekly connection to my quiet self, my slow-downed self, my thoughtful self. I can find my center and grow with no judgement, criticism or demands, just acceptance and compassion.

I consider The Gathering a touchstone that I use throughout the week as a reminder that I'm in community with a group of women that provides support on any matter, without judgment and in complete confidentiality. Knowing I have this support allows me to be authentic, and to manage my life in a way that is healthy and whole. The Gathering provides the space to be safely who I am, whether I'm in the Gathering meeting or bringing the support I receive there into my daily life.

Strength, Support, Friendship, Laughter, Understanding, Insight, Community... that is what the Gathering means to me!

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