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Who Comes to Life Works?

Smart, accomplished women who realize we live in fast-changing and heart-opening times. Life Works has built a method and education program to help women probe their futures and see how to clear the path to have what they want. Women are searching for more in their lives and are taking advantage of the openings in our times.  They seek to be unlimited in what they reach for and to encourage those around them to achieve their highest possible use of themselves.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s the door opened slowly at first as women moved out of traditional roles into market viability. With a change so seismographic, it is taking decades to integrate and experiment with all these new opportunities and personalize them. While some of us tried to be men, Life Works Group has been leading women to study our natural female power. We believe every woman born into this time has a unique contribution to make and we encourage movement towards what is right and authentic for each woman.

Such women need support in the swim upstream against the culture. We have become a place where these women find equal, quality women navigating the new terrain of female advancement and female power. Female power is different than men’s. It is a power of gentleness, tenderness, softness, nurturing, empowering, envisioning, healing, communicating, intuiting, cooperating, opening, allowing, inviting and receiving. Few of us go to war or think about how to blow things up. We are strong in the face of injustice and look for everyone to be treated fairly, educated and cared for.

Life Works is not easy to find, but several women told us although they didn't know it at the time, they came to New York City to work with us. Since you are reading this page, there is a good chance you are looking for us. If you feel that is so, do not let the pull of your current life keep you from coming forward into the light that has always been waiting for you. 

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