What Women Are Saying

What women who have taken the Having What You Want With a Man Weekend Workshop are saying . . .

Life Works women at the wedding of one of our graduates

“I realized that I don’t have to live by someone else’s expectations of what I should want in a man. I get to choose for myself based on what’s authentic for me. I’m not in a new relationship yet, but I can already see how this work is affecting me in job situations with male bosses. When we drop our expectations that men will behave like women, all our relationships are a lot easier.” - Office manager, age 26

“I always thought I’d have to settle and have things that I didn’t want (in a man and in a relationship). But I didn’t want to settle, so for years I just haven’t been in a relationship. The workshop gave me a whole new perspective on who I am and what I desire and who men are. I feel so much more empowered now to have my own feelings, judgments, and intuitions. Now I can actually dare to dream of what I want.” - Television producer, age 47

“It was so reassuring looking around and seeing all these attractive, successful women who were having the same issues with men. Just knowing that there’s something systemic to it and that we weren’t given the right information about men has been helpful. I also realized how much I had to do with not having a man in my life. I had a lot to clear away. Before the workshop I would have never seen my husband ~ would have never even seen him ~ sitting right there next to me.” - Ad executive, age 41

“In the workshop we talked about lists--having lists of what’s good for us and what we must have in a man and in a relationship. These lists have really helped me attract the kind of men who would be good for me and they have also saved me from being with men who weren’t good for me. This surely has saved me great heartache.” - Financial analyst, age 35

“The workshop allowed me to see what I put in my own way — and how I was carrying certain unconscious thoughts that were causing me to react in ways that didn’t work. Whether with a man or in any kind of relationship, this has helped me to think differently and get out of my own way.” - Retail manager, age 32

“One of the greatest things I learned in the workshop was that there simply doesn’t have to be a battle of the sexes. I learned to own my power, to use my female power and not feel manipulated. I don’t feel like a victim anymore. Realizing that men are not the enemy makes for peace, and peace makes for happiness. This has helped me tremendously.” - Graphic artist, age 29

“The workshop really helped me expand my relationship with my self. From a place of self love I can have what I want in all my relationships — with a man or in a work environment or with friends.” - Executive assistant, age 39

$100 • Deposit for Having What You Want With a Man weekend course.
$495 • Pay in Full, Having What You Want With a Man weekend course.

“It’s nice to know that men and women are supposed to be different!” - Artist, age 23

“Before I did the workshop, I always blamed men for going away. Now I get it that I have something to do with it. I realize that although I’ve always said I have, I really haven’t wanted to be in relationship.” - Photographer, age 64

“The workshop actually healed my relationships with women. It made me appreciate women like I never did before. I also started noticing men, men, and more men. I realized that when I’m not looking for a prince, all these men just appear! Pretty amazing.” - Club manager, age 32

“I never saw men as human beings. Now I can. I feel so much more compassion for men, even though they're so different from women. At Life Works I learned to have compassion and an open heart toward men.” - Freelance designer, age 55

“I felt a softening toward myself and other people, especially men. I realized how much I stand in my own way and learned not to judge myself for it.” - Retired teacher, age 68

“This work has truly transformed me, which in turn has changed the types of men I attract. I’m just much more able to have come my way the kind of man I really want.” - Office manager, age 46

“I see a river of hope that I’ve never seen before. There seems to be light there.” - Divorced mother/government worker, age 53

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