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  • Launch by Jeff Walker
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Selections from Life Works - Movie Lists

To begin looking at how the media and movies have influence us, it is useful to look at the Disney movies, both the ones we watched as children and the newly released, to see what young girls are being told about life. Watching the older movies from time to time can be good for our own internal little girls who are still operating from a lot of bad information. Seeing these movies with a critical adult eye can release deeply held ideas and allow us to drop expectations that were never true or likely to happen.

  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Little Mermaid
  • Cinderella lll
  • Tangled
  • Frozen

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From Our Archives “Watching Movies Can Help Our Relationships”

“Watching movies can help us have better relationships” says psychotherapist Marilyn Graman. “Seeing the movies we watched when we were young can release us from our past and allow us to have the relationship we want, not what Walt Disney, Frank Capra, Vincente Minnelli and John Hughes prescribed.”

For use during Life Works Group Retreats and in their books, Maureen Walsh has developed an eye for “Movies That Transform.” In “There is NO PRINCE” she lists 52 movies illustrating the myths and images of what romance and love “should” be. Many women are still waiting for the cinematic Prince to arrive and are disappointed and hopeless they will ever find love. She believes most people want intimate long-lasting relationships but that many have simply given up.

Graman and Walsh help the reader to sort through often conflicting information to discover what will make her happy. “Movies are only one source that we examine in NO PRINCE. We also look at our parents, their relationship, influences of our extended families and the culture we grew up in,” says Walsh. “When these influences are examined it is possible to look within and discover what you must do to be genuinely happy.” This rich, practical, step-by-step guide shows the reader what “having the relationship you want” means specifically for them

In NO PRINCE, Graman and Walsh cover all the places that may leave the reader longing for, but never finding lasting love. “There Is NO PRINCE” is inspired by the 20 hour “Having What You Want With a Man” course that Walsh now leads. It has helped thousands of women find the love they have been yearning for and now thousands of men have happy wives. They work primarily with women because they feel when women are clear and receptive to having what they want in their lives, men appear. Rather than letting men do the choosing, they guide 21st century women into asking, “What do I want a man for?” as a first step to finding one.

“As women read ‘There Is NO PRINCE,’ they open their hearts to themselves, begin to really see the men around them and realize that what our culture tells women about men simply isn’t true,” says Walsh. “There are plenty of men who want to make a woman happy and there is a man who is looking for a woman just like you. It is just that we’ve been waiting for a fairy-tale prince and he isn’t coming. He’s a cartoon character and you want a real man.”

Yes, movies are a good place to begin investigating what you want; is it on the screen, its drama and heartbreak, or do you want a loving, peaceful supportive relationship. Or some of both. The key is to choose what you want and ‘There Is NO PRINCE' will open the possibilities and inspire you.