What Are You Looking For?

What Are You Looking For?

We promise you'll learn new things about Yourself, Your Relationships and Your World in surfing our site. Common concerns with answers included below. Always feel free to let us know what other topics you would like us to add. If it will help you have more of what you want, we’ll work to create the path to it.

What are you seeking to enrich your life?

Select a course. Or give us a call.

Are you looking to "fresh up" your relationship? Or want a new one?

Having What You Want with a Man or How to Be Cherished.

Should you be watching a Seminar from the comfort of your home or office?

It is now available as our Gift to download.

Do you worry about the future and how your life may change?

Life Works Weekend for now and ReBoot Your Life for a softer and more empowered view of the future.

Do you want to move forward but never quite get going?

Having What You Want with a Man for relationship issues and The Natural Power of Being a Woman work to support yourself.

Do you want regular support to explore yourself?

The Gathering. Guiding.

And/or your relationship issues? No Prince Intensive.

Is money scarce and limiting in your life?

The Money Work$hop.

Is it time to step back? A Retreat Or move forward?

An Intensive or The Evolving Nature of Being Human

Do you need someone to help you privately?

Have your own Guidess.

Do you have friends who want more in their lives?

Invite them to Life Works for the occasional Seminar or a Short Course.