Vital Aging Retreat

Vital Aging Retreat 

In answer to your requests, Marilyn has created a large and original retreat on how to age gracefully by learning how to enjoy, even thrive, in our later decades. As usual, she has ground-breaking ways to wake us up, give us the opportunity to remake our lives as we age while revealing, growing and sharing our wisdom.

You are invited to join us at Marilyn's at 8th Street and 5th Avenue from 9;30 am to 6:00 pm on Friday each day to see how to turn life in a new direction. The weekend is limited to women. Reserve your place now and grow yourself into new vitality with us. The best is yet to be...

Few have dared look at what the last 1/3 of our lives could hold. Aging is a subject we, and our culture, don't pay much attention to. We don’t even consider getting older until the signs appear in mirrors, the pace of your walk slows or needing a nap before a big night out.

We comment to friends but don’t focus on the passing years until one day we come to a big birthday and are surprised. We unconsciously conjure up impressions of grandparents that often don't make us feel optimistic and push those memories to the back of our minds. Unless we intervene we will recreate what we saw in our elders. Getting older seems something to shrink from, cry about and guard against happening. Now, we fear it will happen to us.

Vital Aging is designed to clear the past, release worries and free us to create aging consciously, the way we want it to be.

The Retreat will lead you to:

  • uncover how you see the aging process.
  • track where those images come from and learn how to release them.
  • identify feelings about aging, how you look and what your body is experiencing.
  • shift activities based on your interests, capture renewed energy and see what you can contribute to the world and those you love.
  • make peace with coming changes as you uncover how you want your relationship with yourself and others to be as you age.
  • notice how you must guard against criticizing, blaming or becoming frustrated with yourself. 
  • create a future brighter and more fulfilling than you can imagine.
  • learn to appreciate and enjoy every day.

Once you release what holds your future hostage, based on old information, you will be vitalized and freed to make choices that you didn't even know you wanted. You can allow creativity into your life, magnetically drawing people vital in their aging.

As always we live in the present creating our future. Here, you have the opportunity to see what future you are expecting and shift to a brighter more fulfilling possibility.

Vital Aging will allow you to:

  • embrace aging.
  • accept that it is time to become wise and use yourself differently.
  • stop ignoring aging and do what is necessary to have a vital future.
  • admit and heal negative perceptions we have about aging.
  • make peace with how you look and feel.
  • release regrets and resignations.
  • identify and stop stories that scare you, replacing them with what supports vitality
  • make plans supporting well-being in the future. 
  • identify how to insure and create vital aging experiences.

Aging is here to stay. It's not going away. If we do not examine our relationship to it, it can easily unfold in the way we secretly fear it will. The power to change the future is in your hands. Join us November 16 - 18. What if the best times in life are yet to come?

“Life Works Retreats are a powerful way to work on deep and profound issues in your life and result in the most miraculous shifts. I don't know anywhere else that I could have felt safe enough to do such life-changing work. I feel free to truly be myself now.” – Participant
Some of the women who want to join The Vital Aging Retreat have told us that they are financially challenged right now. Yet they want to join us and asked if there was some way to make the retreat affordable. We discussed the dilemma and have come up with a solution - to experiment with Vital Aging and try a Retreat-Staycation. Instead of taking a train up river, unpacking, sharing your room and being away for a weekend, you'll wake up in your own bed, watch movies from your sofa, and take a walk around the park at lunchtime if you want to be in naure. Plus you can bring want you want to eat. You will save $500 off the price fo the retreat and pay only $750 for 3 days with Marilyn.


Reserve a place by sending payment in full as time and space is limited. Send checks to Life Works, 31 Washington Square West, Suite 6E, New York, NY 10011 as no credit cards are accepted for retreats. We will send you preparation and preferences materials to be returned so we may prepare for your needs. All balances and paperwork are due in the Life Works office prior to the retreat.

$750 • Vital Aging Retreat     

“We love retreats because in a concentrated time we can clearly see people making shifts in their lives at the very deepest level. Women change in front of us and the possibilities in participants’ lives expand exponentially which is the essence and purpose of Life Works ~ to remove the limitations from the lives of women.”