Transform Your Relationship to MONEY in The Money Work$hop

Transform Your Relationship to MONEY
in The Money Work$hop

Saturday 9:30am-8pm & Sunday 10am-1pm
Men Welcome

In all the change and confusion that swirls around us today, at Life Works we teach that the only opinion and reality that matters is yours. All of our courses assist you in stripping away what no longer works and uncover what is authentic and true for you. We show how to release yourself from teachings or examples of parents, family background and the culture you grew up in to decide for yourself how you want your life to be. Then we support you to make and maintain changes to live your best possible life.

This is easiest to see in our Money Work$hop, the first course that Marilyn designed and has been offered at Life Works for decades. In the course, you look at your thoughts, beliefs, hidden conversations and bad information received about how exchange and abundance work. It is, fundamentally, more profound and life-changing than the later work of Suze Orman.

You'll look at what happened in early life that determined how you hold money ~ and it is different for each of us. You'll see how you formed beliefs about money and how to release what does not work. We will guide you to see deeply into what motivates you about money while finding behaviors to reinforce and others to shift or abandon.

You will play with real money

You’ll see its magnetic force. You come away with clarity and mastery about what you profoundly desire and how to have what you want with money for, perhaps, the first time in your life. You will clearly see your relationship with money and replace what doesn't work with new insights and experiences that can be incorporated into everyday life.

In this workshop hundreds of men and women have observed themselves and others handling money, revealing how uniquely we each construct our own rituals of exchange. You will examine previously unconscious or ignored behavior to uncover your past influences and teachings about money.

Results reported by Graduates
  • Doubling and tripling incomes.
  • Purchase of new homes and apartments.
  • Return of loaned money.
  • Beginning new and more fulfilling careers.
  • Job promotions and unexpected raises.
  • Start-up of new businesses.
  • A creation of cash windfall of $144,000.
  • Improved relationships by clearing up money issues.
  • Heightened sense of abundance and well-being.
  • Clear understanding of how money works for the individual.
These results are possible for you, too

You will discover the experience of true abundance for perhaps the first time in your life.

Printable and emailable invitation

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Please consider your attendance and let us know you would like to participate when offered, by email or call. When enough women and men request the course we will put it on our calendar and will contact you. Then we ask to send payment right away so you will not be disappointed as space is limited. You can secure a place in the course with a deposit of half the fee, and all fees are due a month before the course begins. There is homework to be contemplated, gathered and researched before the Weekend. We look forward to having you in the course and are invited to ask your friends to join you.

The fee for the Weekend is $295 ($150 deposit) for people new to the course. The fee is $225 ($115 deposit) for those who have already completed the course. We ask Reviewers to send your payment(s) to the office at 31 Washington Square West, Suite 6E, New York, NY 10011. All balances are due one month before course date to guarantee your place. Enrollments made after the one month deadline must be paid in full.

Please call 212-741-8787 to reserve a place for yourself, family and friends who want to have more abundance and ease with money.

What graduates have written about the Money Work$hop

“My attitudes towards money have been so different this past year. My goal was to become financially responsible. That has been achieved! When I have money, I have handled it well, paying bills and improving the quality of my life.” ~Mary

“Working together with other people provided many examples that illustrated the variety of ways that money is either managed or manages our lives. We learned from each other and were able to support one another in the changes we want to make in how we function with money.” ~Chris

“I want to thank you all very much for the excellent workshop last Saturday. Wow! I am still in the midst of it, reviewing my notes, replaying my visual tape of the day and just staying in the feelings.” ~Liz

“The Money Workshop provided me with the opportunity to focus on a major aspect of life in a spirit of candor, playfulness and safety. I was encouraged to see money as a force in my life that had possibilities only limited by my beliefs. I could see how I related to money, how it has functioned in my life, and to see money as a tool, and that I could decide, I could choose to make money what I wanted it to be. I could see myself rather than money as the power in my life.” ~Cathy

“The workshop gave me insights into the emotional connections we have to money. I can relapse into an old pattern but not without consciousness and now have tools and friends to help me create new and stronger patterns that allow money to support me in the development I seek for myself. The effect is cumulative. As new problems arise there are new opportunities for using the skills we developed. I remember some aphorism or insight gained at the workshop almost every day.” ~Linda

“So many contradictory feelings: of course I’m going to continue having trouble with money if part of me still believes that having money is ‘bad,’ or inauthentic, or makes me a traitor to my Boston-Irish, working-class family.” ~Colleen

“Thank you so much for your inspiration and guidance. My life is becoming more abundant every day.” ~Marian