Success Stories

Success Stories

‘The workshop ‘Having What You Want with a Man,’ influenced me significantly. It suddenly was okay for me to fall in love with someone that was very nice. And indeed this is what has happened. He and I are already speaking about marrying. We like each other very much, in addition to all the love that is between us. He has been incredibly supportive of my work; not only my job, but my inner work as well. Very soon after meeting him, I looked at my ‘list’ and he had all six of my essential needs and many of my others. This was a green light for me and keeps on being so. It’s so valuable to concretely know what I want, then when it’s there in front of me, I can just go for it.’   Eileen

‘The Money Workshop provided me with the opportunity to focus on a major aspect of life in a spirit of candor, playfulness and safety. I was encouraged to see money as a force in my life that had possibilities only limited by my beliefs. I could see how I related to money, how it has functioned in my life, and to see money as a tool, and that I could decide, I could choose to make money what I wanted it to be. I could see myself rather than money as the power in my life.
      Working together with other people provided many examples that illustrated the variety of ways that money is either managed or manages our lives. We learned from each other and were able to support one another in the changes we want to make in how we function with money.’   Linda

‘I’m marrying in two weeks. In some ways, it seems so predictable because I love him and it feels right. But then I realize that this wasn’t quite so predictable. I’ve talked to two friends that I haven’t spoken to in a while, after sending them invitations. While I was talking to them, I could see and remember the woman I used to be. And it makes me realize how far I’ve traveled. That other me seems like someone from another time. I was so unhappy then. Now I’m looking forward to my wedding, my marriage, my life as his partner and a stepmother.’   Sarah

‘The workshop gave me insights into the emotional connections we have to money. I can relapse into an old pattern but not without consciousness and I now have tools and friends to help me create new and stronger patterns that allow money to support me in the development I seek for myself. The effect is cumulative. As new problems arise there are new opportunities for using the skills we developed. I remember some aphorism or insight gained at the workshop almost every day.’   Linda

‘My good news is I’ve been in a super relationship for the past year. I’ve got a wonderful man in my life, and I’m enjoying living in Atlanta where my other favorite man lives: my Dad! Life is working fine, and I want to thank Life Works for all the good it has done me. I often hear you in my head, saying some splendid advice or knowledge shared with me.’   Martha

‘It took a lot of faith and remembering your work to overcome fear and vows that didn’t serve me well, so that I could embark on this wonderful journey. I should also say that my husband gave me the greatest gift of all, his unwavering support and encouragement that we could have children. Of course, I wouldn’t have my husband without your work. There are no accidents! We adopted two kids! We are so happy, and my husband is thrilled. He always wanted kids. Life Works has changed my life and we are so grateful.’   Kathy

‘A lot of unresolved conflicts kind of fell into place this past weekend. Plus, I think I was able to get a closure (on hopefully my last worst boyfriend). This is a miracle! Again, you and Maureen have put together a terrific program, and although it is still too soon, I know that this past weekend will positively impact my life going forward.’   Susan

Since The Father Retreat, my compassion for men has shifted and deepened. Forgiveness freed me up to have a loving relationship and a husband. I was able to be open to a new relationship with my father as who I am. Also, I was able to change my relationship with my future husband and get engaged 8 months later.’   Debbie

‘I’m getting married. To a nice guy, a really nice guy. And I know this never would have happened without Lifeworks. I think my fear would have gotten the best of me. Mostly, I had dated men that were not right for me – as far as their socioeconomic status. I knew that wasn’t working. I never realized I could have someone like me, that someone like me could be ok!’   May

'One Sunday almost five years ago, I vividly remember that I was in so much pain that I prayed to die. I’d spent a decade shattering relationships to chase after some illusory ideal love. It was all I thought life was for and it was slipping through my fingers.
     That day was a death for me – but what I didn’t know was that a new life was beginning. Life had some terrific things in store for me that would be rewarding and fulfilling in ways I never conceived.
     I am getting married to a very sweet, gentle, supportive and loving man (not what I pictured but very good for me). And as I continue to work with Marilyn, my life is subtly changing in many ways. Where life was once something incomprehensible that was happening to me, it is now, more and more something I can interact with wisdom, hope and choice.'   Helen

‘Life feels very different since the workshop. It actually feels like “Life” can “Work.” I had a number of realizations during the workshop – issues that I had already been contemplating but which really reared their heads. The overriding themes for me were balancing my needs with those of others I care for and managing my energy. These are longstanding issues, but since really delving into them, I feel more powerful, more energetic and clearer about what I’m willing and not willing to do. I’m doing a lot of observing – of my body sensations, feelings – around these areas. I am also seeing the holes I fall into constantly – losing energy, taking on other people’s stuff, getting overwhelmed, burnt out – especially when it has to do with my moving forward.
     I think this is a great workshop for everyone, an easy sell because who wouldn’t be drawn to life working for them rather than admitting relationships aren’t working or having money problems.’   Laura

‘I just completed the ‘Having What You Want with a Man’ weekend with you and about 30 other wonderful women.
     I believe I can safely say it was the most releasing experience I’ve ever had. First of all, I haven’t felt so normal in the longest time. It seems that all my friends are engaged, married or having babies. I was becoming more and more isolated in the single world. Just the two of us, me and my neurosis. And my neurosis is (was) starting to crowd me out!
   If I never took another course again I don’t believe I will ever forget what I learned or you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and heart with me.’   Angie

‘The chakra work you showed us in the Tuesday night group has proven to be great for me. I do it every night along with the gift meditation. The visual images of the little girl in the solar plexus can be altered so that instead of huddled in a corner with her hands around her knees and her head in her lap, she can get up, open the curtains, let the light in and be happy to be alive. Interesting. And of course the mood can be changed by that change in visualization.’   Marian

'Just received your Life Works mailing and thought you would like to know that on 10/22/2013, I was married.
     We met at what I call a Jewish Christmas party on 12/25/11. He fell in love immediately, gave me eight little Chanukah gifts on our second date (he’s in the gift industry) and told me – in a card – that he knew he would spend many years with me – like the rest of his life. He was so consistent about that – right down the aisle. Rather than running away, I welcomed the love and loyalty.’   Suzanne

‘I have to tell you that after I began a new affirmation with the phrase, ‘money comes easily to me now…’ I was opening my wallet on the way to the subway and several one dollar bills flew out into the wind. Several men rushed to retrieve them for me. So money, albeit my own, came to me easily! I enjoy these little signs.’   Constance