Retreats Overview

“Life Works retreats are a powerful way to work on deep and profound issues in your life that result in the most miraculous shifts. I don't know anywhere else that I could have felt safe enough to do such life-changing work. I feel free to truly be myself now.” – Participant

Our retreats have been created from the requests of our participants to delve deeper into a subject and be released and healed. At Life Works our goal is to release women from the limitations they have lived under for perhaps generations. Women’s place in history now gives us an opening to become our full and potential selves. The world needs our compassion, our vision and our nurturing.

Life Works retreats are led by Marilyn Graman with the assistance of Guidesses. You will have the opportunity to experience her clarity and intention for each woman to become free to be herself – the full and magnificent self enabled to receive the love and support she is entitled to. The retreats are by turns profound, fun, clear and realigning, as well as concrete and down to earth. The resulting shifts in your life are palpable, bringing peace, satisfaction and lightness where fear, anxiety and heaviness resided. Your friends are welcome as are others around you who want more from their lives.

Our days in retreat are full and spent in pastoral beauty at Stony Point Conference and Retreat Center, 30 miles north of west side of the George Washington Bridge, just off the Palisades Parkway at 17 Cricketown Road, Stony Point, NY 10980. Retreats are the focus of The Center's contribution to the world, providing retreatants an opportunity to step back from the world and emerge renewed.

All rooms are doubles, although singles are available for a fee, and you will get a key to your room. They grow a great deal of their own food on the property and offer food choices so the vegans, vegetarians and fish and chicken eaters can all be happy. They have a bookstore and fair trade store and require quiet from 11pm to 7am. It is easy to get to by car and train and is in a beautiful, pastoral setting, complete with meditation building, garden walks and a labyrinth. The fee, for room, meals, snacks, the course and all materials TBA. If you are reviewing a retreat there is a discount. More details of the retreat will follow in another letter after you register. Here is the link to their website.

You’ll leave invigorated, optimistic and confident that life is moving in your direction. The retreat, 2 to 3 nights in in length, include all meals, 30-40 hours of immersion course work and all materials for one price. So reserve a place soon as new retreats are announced by receipt of your payment. We will send you preparation materials as well as room and roommate request and food preference forms. Prepare yourself to feel lighter, freer, more relaxed plus more loving and loveable.

In early January 1998, a large group of us did the first Mother Retreat and participants reported outstanding results in many, sometimes unexpected, realms of their lives. We asked ourselves questions and experienced a sense of deep release, of increased possibility in our lives along with peace both within ourselves and with the women who mothered us.

Now, you have more choices of retreats, as the deep work we do in retreat covers more topics that have been used by hundred of women and men to release and refresh their lives. We invite you to join us for a relaxing and stimulating “time out” from life.

“We love to do these retreats because in a concentrated time we can clearly see people making shifts in their lives at the very deepest level. Women change in front of us and the possibilities in participants’ lives expand exponentially which is the essence and purpose of Life Works - to remove the limitations from the lives of women.” — Marilyn Graman

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NEW Vital Aging Retreat

In answer to your requests Marilyn has created a new, large and original piece of work on how to age gracefully and accepting the wisdom years you are lucky to have.  As usual, she has ground-breaking ways revealing how we can carry, grow and share our wisdom. Join us May 1-3, 2015 at Stony Point to see how to remake life as we age. Since this is the first time she will be leading this 3 day course, it is limited to women only and at a reduced fee. Reserve your place now and grow yourself into new vitality with us. The best is yet to be.

Mother Retreat, 4 days and 3 nights
This retreat will open you to new relationships with all the women in your life by examining that first and most important one ~ that which you had with your Mommy/ Mom/ Mother. Experience a sense of deep release, increased possibility and peace both within yourself and with the woman who birthed you. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy healthy food, be in nature, relax, rejuvenate, release what you no longer need and realign your intention to live a remarkable life.

Father Retreat, 4 days and 3 nights
How to disengage yourself from the compensations and expectations you live with because of who your father was. Free yourself to find or remember a great guy who loves and chooses you. Give up being Daddy’s little girl and have more love in your life.

The Clearing the Path Retreat ~ Forgiveness*, 3 days and 2 nights
We will free ourselves from the past and open a new path for ourselves. This Retreat will be profound and enable us to move forward in a new and unimpeded way. Three days.

Manifestation Retreat ~ Creating What You Want*, 3 days and 2 nights
How can I move past my limitations to be a fuller, more alive participant in my own life? How can I create the highest possible outcome for myself in this lifetime? This Retreat calls forth all that you want in your life. We'll focus on unleashing the power to create by learning the process of manifestation. It will change forever what you most hold as possible in your life!

Finding Your Authentic Self Retreat, 3 days and 2 nights
This retreat is designed to return to you parts of yourself lost in childhood via upsets and traumas when you were not nurtured appropriately. Uncover and greet the magnificence you are so you can support yourself to be “the who you were meant to be.” You will learn how to bring what you want into your life and envision it as the full and complex web that it is, noting all the possibilities you are here to embrace. You will experience being fully alive while relaxed within yourself. Life will glide forward as your authentic self blossoms. Don’t miss this great opportunity to be more fully yourself.

Enjoying Intimacy Retreat, 3 days and 2 nights
This complicated knot of contemporary existence cheats us out of the best part of our lives – the love and affection we deserve At the retreat you’ll relax, rejuvenate, and release what you no longer need. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to unburden yourself of thoughts, feelings and body sensations that no longer serve you and realign your intention to live a more loving life.

Moving the Unmoveable Retreat*, 3 days and 2 nights
At the retreat you’ll release what you no longer need by investigating an area of your life that has been locked and resistant to change. You will be able to remove that boulder from the free-flowing stream of your world. You will be asked to carefully prepare for this retreat, as the homework is mandatory, not just recommended as usual. Once you have completed the retreat preparation, you’ll have a conversation with the Leader, at least a week before the Retreat, either in-person or on the telephone, to clarify the issue you are working on at the retreat and to receive additional personalized preparation.

Driving Directions. From New York City:
Cross the George Washington Bridge (upper level), take the PALISADES PARKWAY NORTH to Exit 15, then follow the directions below “From the Palisades Parkway Exit 15.” Travel time from New York City can be as little as 45 minutes, depending on traffic and point of origin. We recommend allowing a full hour to get there, or an hour and a half to two hours in rush-hour traffic.

To Join Us
Email us which retreats you want to take and as soon as enough people indicate they want the retreat to be offered, we’ll schedule it and email you to send your payment. Please make your plans early to reserve a place so you will not be disappointed. There is no other place we know of that does such deep and life-changing work. Let us know you want to be with us today.

All balances are due in the Life Works office one month prior to the retreat. Send checks to the office address below as no credit cards are accepted for retreats. Preparation materials will be emailed to you after we receive your payment. There is preparation for each retreat and materials to return to us so that we know your preferences for rooms and food, which also must be received a month before the first day of the retreat.

*Men welcomed