Quick Help for Having the Relationship You Want

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Quick Help for Having the Relationship You Want
  • You can make conscious choices instead of relying on attraction, chance, or fate.
  • Getting clear about what you want can save you a lot of time and heartbreak.
  • Making your lists and sticking to them is a loving thing to do for yourself.
  • Staying awake and aware in the moment is a way to have things be different.
  • Be open to noticing people you may never have noticed before.
  • Be aware of being critical and hard to please.
  • Be willing to look at patterns that may have hurt you.
  • If you go for the ones you’ve always gone for, you’ll likely have the same result you’ve always had.
  • Just because someone is appealing doesn’t mean they’re right for you.
  • Making new choices means turning your back on what’s not good for you.
  • You have the power to attract the partner and the relationship you want.