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Learning at a Distance

For years women have been encouraging us to use the internet more, and to create courses that they can take without traveling to New York. We listened to what they said and are proud to announce that LifeWorks is working on the following internet courses, with several more to come. Now you can move forward from your sofa, office or anywhere you can get a WIFI connection.

If you are interested in the courses below, please email us and we will let you know when more specific information is available. Thanks for your encouragement and we look forward to another adventure with you.

26 Weeks to Love

The Life Works Course on Finding Him
This course was inspired by Marriage Works, the 26 week course that we offered in 2000 that made a huge splash in the media as it cost $9600 and involved 276+ hours of course work and private sessions. This course will be delivered to your desired email address each week in 7 parts. You will be inspired to take action, learn more about yourself and men and launch yourself into the dating world via this step-by-step program to find a great guy. Please email if you would like more details. The first course will take place in late Spring for a fraction of the cost of the original.
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In the works
Be Cherished Again

Have you forgotten how powerful you are in you man’s life? Remember how you glowed in the early days with your man? He is eager to know what you want and how to please you again. He is hoping you will guide your relationship and longs to make you happy. During the course you’ll remember what it is you truly want, be inspired again and finding yourself having more of it. You will enjoy your man again. The program parts are sent weekly to renew and enrich your relationship together and have more of what you each want.
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In the works
All You Need to Know About Him

We are taking everything we know about choosing the best partner to share our life with and putting it into this course. Often trouble begins when you fall for someone you barely know. And as the months fly by you have settled into a situation you can’t seem to leave. This course will show you how to stay awake and in your power through the process of greeting, meeting, exploring and choosing a husband who wants you to be happy and will cherish you.
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In the works
Enjoy Wisdom at Home – Anytime

To find a great guy or return your guy to greatness you will likely need ongoing support and new internal conversations to keep your spirits up and confidence high and intentional. We are putting together 2 sets of Seminars you can watch when needed to be reminded of what you want to bring into your life. One is on Relationship Issues, the other on Female Power and both are useful if you want more in your life. Imagine Marilyn in your living room or bedroom talking to you about how to have more love and power in your life. Powerful, isn’t it?
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Would You Like Your Own Guidess?

These dedicated, well-trained women are supervised by Marilyn and available to help you integrate what you learn and envision. If you are interested in their tender-hearted support, call 212-924- 4953 for an appointment to discuss your issues.
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Future projects include
  • Having a Life That Works - Every Day - Based on the Life Works Weekend
  • Growing Your Wisdom
  • The Evolving Manual
  • The Natural Power of Being a Woman – The Gathering Training 
    Build your own local business helping women find their wisdom and authenticity weekly.
  • Special Topic White Papers

Let us know what you want to learn more about.
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Our Books

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