Ongoing Groups

Open only to Graduates. Click on course title for more information. For specific dates, click here.

The Evolving Nature of Being Human Saturdays 9:30am–6:30pm (infrequently, meetings may be instead be held on a weekday evening) How do you to advance yourself when you are already in the deep end of the consciousness pool? How can you plumb the depths of your soul and find like-minded women to share with? How can you be reminded that these profound conversations are the ones you love and want to have more of on a regular basis? We have created this ongoing course that will meet approximately monthly containing the best parts of the Guidess Training Program that we have offered four times since 1994 without the additional work necessary to become a Guidess. We’ll meet to address the issues and concepts central to leading an authentic, considered life. You’ll leave with much to think about and to experiment with, can submit logs to be read, if you want, and we’ll reconvene to review what we’ve learned and to continue the conversation.

The Natural Power of Being a Woman — The Gathering (Ongoing Group) Mondays 7:30–9pm or Tuesdays 7–9pm Exploring our unique power as we focus on what is between us and the highest expression of ourselves. Also recommended to prepare for The Gathering is our first book, The Female Power Within, which was inspired by the weekly work that women have done in the group since 1988. Do join us.

The No Prince Group is an ongoing course for women interested in finding a companion, lover, consort, life partner, husband ~ whatever you call the man you want to share your life. You can have what you want. You only have to uncover what that means for you. To take the next step in having what you want with a man, let us know you will be there. 

How to Be Cherished Monthly Group The first Thursday of the month from 6:30–8pm For women in relationship who want the monthly reminder that they have something to do with how they are cherished. Also available by telephone bridge line for women outside of the New York area.

Money Monthly Group Practice and deepen what you learned on the Money Work$hop with Guidess Sylvia Moss. Change in your relationship to money happens over time and so does this group.

Relationship Weekly Group After the “Having What You Want with a Man Weekend” women often want to continue to explore and personalize the material from the course. In answer to requests, we offer this group for Graduates, usually for 10 weeks, to help women make a plans and practice what they learned. In the Weekend, we show you how relationships are different than you have likely been  taught and it takes some trial and error to integrate this new way of thinking and being. Let us know if you would like to join a group by emailing us.