NO Prince Group

NO Prince Group

To help women find, create and have a great relationship . . . 

An intensive for women interested in finding a companion, lover, consort, life partner, husband ~ whatever you call the man you want share your life. To take the next step in having what you want with a man, let us know you will be there.

The last 40 years of unprecedented opportunities for women and shifts in the possibility of relationships have given us the chance to create partnerships different than we ever thought possible. Relationships today can be customized to suit the couple involved so clarity in knowing what you want is vital. With all the new openings for how relationships can be crafted, the best of us needs guidance in creating our own path to partnership.

This ongoing intensive is based on Life Work’s almost 3 decades of experience in offering the Having What You Want with a Man course, numerous groups, short courses and Marriage Works: A 6-Month intensive Designed to Move You Down the Aisle, all helping thousands of women find and make relationships that fits them. Since the 20-hour Having What You Want with a Man Weekend course is a prerequisite for this new group, the No Prince Intensive (NPI) will personalize and help uncover what each woman is looking for in her search for a relationship. Making choices and crafting a relationship is both a privilege and a responsibility we will vigorously examine and guide you toward.


You can have what you want 

You only have to uncover what that means for you. In this group you will explore yourself, become clear then make new, revelatory choices leading you to a relationship that encourages and supports the best possibility of who you want to be. Watching each other and developing the courage to dig deep, heal the past, and move in new directions, women in the new group will be examples of what is possible when the human spirit and opening heart combine to create partnership with a good man who will cherish them. We will use many tools and practical exercises to create a bright and loving future for women ready to find happiness and contentment with a loving partner.

Please email us if you want to be a member of this group when it forms.

Printable and emailable invitation

The Group is led by Maureen with support from Guidesses. The fee for the 15 session intensive is $450. Let us know you are joining the group by calling or emailing and sending your payment to the office. There is self-study work to prepare for the first meeting that we will email after receive your enrollment.

Requirements and Agreements

You must agree to be present, in-person, on the telephone or skyped and be prepared and undistracted, ready to participate. You must want to move yourself toward a loving relationship with a partner. You agree to complete self-investigation assignments and submit paperwork as requested.

You further agree to make time and space for shifts to come forward. In other words you will not use, “I didn’t have the time,” as a reason not to participate. You will need to make changes for your life to be different. Sometimes creating your own life may present challenges that you must get through. At Life Works we believe willingness, optimism and desire for change win the day.

Each participant must have completed the Having What You Want with a Man Weekend within the last 3 years, review the Having What You Want with a Man course and enroll in other courses to explore and open yourself about relationship.. To that end we are offering $150 off any retreat you take during NPI as well as a 20% discount on the reviewer’s rate of $275 each time you review the Having What You Want with a Man Weekend. The discount also applies for enrolling in the Practical Wisdom courses and other relationship courses offered during the duration of NPI. These discounts could easily pay for the NPI. We highly recommend that you work with a Guidess to further personalize the material and deepen your knowledge of yourself and your commitment to a creating a relationship.

Maureen's Biography

“There are thousands of nice guys who, when treated well by a good woman, will be princely from time to time. All you need is one special guy who has the desire, willingness and ability to be devoted to you and who can love the great woman you are.” Maureen Walsh