NEW - 26 Weeks to Love

26 Weeks to Love

A Guide to Finding Him

This book was inspired by Marriage Works, the 26 week course that we offered in 2000 that made a huge splash in the media as it cost $9600 and involved 276+ hours of course work and private sessions. This course will be delivered to your desired email address each week in 7 parts. You will be inspired to take action, learn more about yourself and men and launch yourself into the dating world via this step-by-step program to find a great guy. Please email if you would like more details. The first course will take place in late Spring for a tiny fraction of the cost of the original.

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Excerpt from the book 26 Weeks to Love

Today is the opportunity to choose. You can change the course of your life, no matter your age or how long you have been single. You can take action to have the relationship you want with a man. You can make a commitment to yourself to do what it takes for your own happiness. And you can renew that commitment every day with self-love and by helping yourself have what you want.

If you want to get married, things are going to change. The choices you make today, tomorrow and the next few months can shift your path to lead you closer to what you want. This week will help you understand better why you made the choices you have made and offer you new ways of making more informed choices.  It will give you insight into motivations and actions unclear before. Upon discovering why you’ve been approaching relationship a certain way, you can do it differently and have the future you long for.

To see how powerfully every action you take today affects you tomorrow, it helps to review your life from an imaginary point in the future. There are many versions of your life story you can tell when you’re older and wiser. Below, are two possible scenarios. Picture yourself at a venerable age, sitting in a comfortable chair and sharing your life story with someone close to you. You are reminiscing about the choices you made and how they led you to where you are. In hindsight, you can see how every choice shifted the possibilities available to you, one way or the other.