Nell Robinson

Nell Robinson

“I have been blessed to discover from my experience at Life Works that who we truly are is, and always has been, in us waiting to flower. There isn’t just one path to an authentic life, and it’s never too late to create a life that fits us. I see guiding as a wonderful opportunity to share this profound work to create an environment that allows others to discover and express what is authentic for them in all areas of their lives.”

Nell Robinson graduated from college with a major in English, a minor in psychology, and a passion for theatre. Since then she has mixed and matched these interests – first getting a masters in social work and working with families and children during the day while working in theatre at night as a director and production manager. She later left social work to follow her dream of having her own theatre company.

She was co-founder and artistic director of the Off Broadway StageArts Theatre Company, successfully producing and directing new plays for 12 years. While she was deliriously happy during those theatre years, she found that as the theatre grew, her work became more and more on the administrative / producing side of things and she missed the one on one interaction with the actors.

What she loved about directing was working with an actor to discover and express those parts of herself that were relevant to the character she was playing. She now began thinking that she wanted to work with people to apply these techniques, not to a fictional character, but to people’s real lives. So once again she shifted gears and since then has combined her love of theatre and love of working with people by teaching and coaching professional actors, as well as teaching acting techniques to non-actors both privately and in workshops as tools for personal growth.

She currently runs an “Acting Just For The Fun Of It” workshop in NYC. Her focus for herself at Life Works has been on reconnecting with and expressing those authentic parts of herself that were temporarily lost after closing her theatre, and on expanding her life to bring herself more fully to her newfound career, and to the amazing relationship she has with the man she loves who cherishes her.