The Natural Power of Being a Woman Weekend

The Natural Power of
Being a Woman Weekend

Saturday 9:30am–9pm & Sunday 9:30am–6pm

The very heart of what we teach at Life Works is contained in The Natural Power of Being a Woman Weekend. Although many of us feel that we must be “doing” to feel powerful, the weekend shows how our “being” actually draws what we want toward us. The Workshop is an intense and specific investigation into our natural power. We will focus on what is between us and the highest natural expression of ourselves, “the who we are meant to be.”



The purpose of this course:
  • Put us in touch with what is truly natural for women
  • Be in touch with the power that is female
  • Provide practices to know the feminine aspects of ourselves
  • Develop the ability to use our female power for our well-being and the well-being of others
  • Know ourselves as individuals and women as never before
  • Intuit what is good and appropriate for us from a place of true inner peace
In the Weekend we will discover:
  • The value of our authentic female power
  • When we lost our sense of deserving, our sense of value
  • How we chronically conceal our power
  • How we use our power for ourselves and against ourselves
  • Where we learned our style of expressing our power

All revealing how to authentically express our power and use it for our own well-being.

Women who have completed the Weekend report these results:
  • Finding right work that is a natural expression of who they are
  • Increased authentic self-expression
  • New ease in relationships
  • Experiencing more ease and pleasure in everyday life
  • Learning how to quiet the mind
  • How to find the resources needed within themselves
  • Feeling more in control
  • Having opportunities and openings come toward them
  • Happier with themselves and more contentment with their lives
Graduates report increased ease and satisfaction in many areas of their lives.

After each course women are surprised that life becomes so easy when we remember our femaleness.

The course is open to all women. 

Past graduates have called the course a “spa weekend” with healing, visioning and the opportunity to relax and remember what is truly natural for you. We encourage you to join us and to explore and strengthen your incredible female power.

Let us know you would like to participate by email or call. When enough women request the course we will put it on the schedule and you will have first priority. Send your payment as soon as possible so you will not be disappointed as space is limited. You can secure a place in the course with a deposit of half the fee. All fees are due a month before the course begins. There is homework to be contemplated, gathered and researched before the Weekend. We look forward to having you in the course and hope that you and your friends will join us.

The fee for the Weekend is $395 for women new to the Natural Power, and $250 for women who have already completed a Natural Power Weekend.  If you are currently a member of the Gathering the fee is $195 and we ask that you bring your payment to the Gathering with you. All balances are due 1 month before course date. Enrollments made after the 1 month deadline must be paid in full. Contact us below for further information.

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When I dare to be powerful
to use my strength
in the service of my vision,
it becomes less and less important
whether I am afraid.
     ~Audre Lorde