Moving the Unmoveable

Moving the Unmoveable Shifting, Healing, Releasing and a Future with Fewer Boulders in the Stream of Your Life

Friday, 10am to Sunday, 6pm

The remarkable times we live in offer unprecedented opportunities to release and heal. In this 3-day, 2-night new Retreat from Life Works, you can to choose a central issue in your life, a boulder blocking flow and ease in the stream of your life, and remove it. You will leave the retreat understanding why it was in your life, how it served you in the past, experience it being healed, releasing it and planning to live in life without it blocking you from being your full, joyous, creative, loving and peaceful self.

Yes, this Retreat will be deep and intense work and will free you on a profound level. Until now, what we learn and release in a lifetime has been limited as we search for answers to questions too difficult to pursue working with even the most talented professionals. With our concentrated and intentional work along with rigorous scrutiny, profound leadership and Seeing the courage and possibility of others breakthroughs, your life will change.

You will be asked to carefully prepare for this Retreat. Homework is mandatory not just recommended, as usual. Once you complete the Retreat Preparation, you’ll have a conversation with Marilyn, either in-person or on the telephone at least a week before the Retreat to clarify the issue you will be working on to receive additional personalized preparation.

At the retreat you’ll eat healthy food, get to know some great women, be in nature, relax, rejuvenate and release what’s no longer needed. You’ll unburden yourself of thoughts, feelings and body sensations that no longer serve you and align your intention to have a remarkable life.

You do not have to be a Life Works graduate to participate in this retreat. Your women friends, colleagues and family members are welcome to join you. There is preparation to be done and materials to gather prior to this Retreat. You will be sent these guidelines as soon as we receive your deposit. Give yourself the gift of being fully prepared for this lively and enlivening retreat.

The fee for the retreat includes the course and all materials, 2 nights in a shared room nestled in gardens near the water, 7 gourmet meals, healthy snacks, in addition to the opportunity to learn how to create what you want in your life. There may be discounts for early enrollment.

Hours are 10am the first day to 6pm the final day. There are homework and materials to gather to prepare for the Retreat that will be sent receive after we receive your payment. All fees must be paid one month before the Retreat.

To take the Moving the Unmoveable Retreat, email or call us to request it so we can put it on the schedule. When enough women enroll we will schedule the Retreat and email you before we announce it. To attend reserve a place for yourself by paying the fee, as soon as possible, as space is limited. If you have participated in this retreat before, the fee to review is reduced. If you have questions please call us at the number at the bottom of the page.

Come ready to work through a dark area of your life and emerge from this retreat whole and more fully yourself than perhaps ever before.

Printable and emailable invitation 

Introduction to the Moving the Unmoveable Retreat – Preview

“We are here to spend 3 days un-embedding a major place in your life that is not working.

What we are going to uproot is a voice that says ‘it is needed, It is needed!’ and it is not.

The rest of our time together will be working to release what has, until this weekend been in the middle of the stream of your life. You may have been hopeless, resigned and/or unconscious about this part that limited you.

Welcome to the freedom that is possible to live without a boulder you must constantly work around. Let’s begin . . .”

         Marilyn Graman

Email that you want to enroll in the Moving the Unmoveable Retreat and when we have enough participants we will email you.

Join us for a weekend and become more yourself.