Money Monthly Group

Money Monthly Group

Keep the power of the Money Workshop working for you. Join our monthly ongoing group designed to refresh and remind you of all the insights you uncovered in the course. In only an hour and a half each month you can keep your commitment to yourself about continuing to improve your relationship to money.

The group is led by Sylvia Moss who has reported many breakthroughs as a Money Workshop participant and leader such as a $144,00 windfall, unexpected inheritances, the courage to live an abundant life. A photographer by day, she has recently completed her book, “Angels of New York.” She is also a Life Works Guidess and available for private sessions to help you move through difficult issues.

Graduates have used the $upport Group to:

  • identify deeper layers of beliefs about $
  • develop new, more supportive habits with $
  • build businesses and attract clients
  • create clarity about what they want
  • manifest new homes!
  • lessen worry and anxiety about $
  • double their income and manifest raises
  • create more enjoyment with $

Participants are supported in continuing to be aware of how money and its exchange affects their lives. Marvelously simple yet incredibly profound, this series is open to any Graduate of the Money Work$hop. The fee is $200 for 10 monthly sessions. Call the office at 212-741-8787 or email us for more information.