Maureen M. Walsh

Maureen M. Walsh
Co-Founder of Life Works

“At Life Works we are all very lucky to be able to help people have more of what they want at such a dynamic point in our history. Forty-five years ago the doors flung open and now we are helping women adjust to the deep shifts, incredible opportunities and enormous possibilities for self-expression.”

Maureen Walsh is co-owner of Life Works, Inc., a Guidess Trainer, business therapist, real estate investor, internet entrepreuner and co-author of the Life Works series of books. She was born in Dubuque, IA and was raised in Madison, WI. An undergraduate degree in Art History from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, several lengthy tours of Europe, and fellowships in the theater department and business school while studying for her Marketing MBA, prepared her for a life in the arts. She managed The Philadelphia Company producing new American plays, then the Children's Theater Company in Minneapolis, the nation's premiere company for kids. Next came the Brooklyn Academy of Music and planning for the launch of its Next Wave Festival, then Marketing Director at the Joffrey Ballet.

Work in advertising led to her own consulting business in the early 80's working with artists and healers to help them develop successful business lives. Life Works is one of Maureen’s many collaborations. Others include her real estate ventures with writer and husband William Speers and her interest in producing movies, plays and special events. She has taught marketing and arts management courses at the grad and undergrad levels and 18 years ago created “How to Make a Graceful Living,” a Life Works course to help people find more authentic work. Her most recent course creation, “Reboot Your Life,” encourages Boomers to psychologically prepare for retirement and was the impetus for living for extended periods in foreign countries to research adaptability and the value of non-academics taking sabbaticals.

Maureen is also the publisher and co-author of Life Works Books, guides the development of new projects, and is the business head of Life Works. She is always looking for new people, projects and resources. Her maternal grandfather owned a small resort town on the Mississippi River during her childhood. With that experience in her gene pool, she has been looking at summer camps and retreat centers since the early 1980's to create the Life Works Wise Woman's Home ~ where we will live and teach to advanced ages, the Life Works Education Project ~ to guide teachers to assist children in remaining conscious during their education, Art Camp ~ a cross pollination of master artists, patrons and emerging artists, and the School for Patrons ~ to encourage patronage of individual artists and several other large projects. When not in New York City, she lives in Santa Fe, NM, Palm Springs, CA and on the North Fork of Long Island.