Marriage Works

Marriage Works A step-by-step intensive designed to lead you down the aisle . . .

Marriage Works ~ the source of some of the material in our upcoming 4th book, Finding Him - 26 Weeks to Love.

Who - Marilyn Graman, psychotherapist and workshop leader, Maureen Walsh, producer and group leader plus the Guidesses and specialty staff

What - 6-month, 276-hour, intensive "marriage readiness" program for women

When -  Future dates TBA

Where - Life Works office in Manhattan

Why - to guide women in uncovering what they want in a relationship t hen draw those qualities forward in a man who is good for them

How Much - $9600. Less than $35/hr. Limited to 45 participants.

Marriage Works is a six-month program built around all the information, support and technology that Life Works, since 1986, has provided women seeking a successful, fulfilling partnership with a man. This limited enrollment, fast-track is for women willing to do what it takes to have the relationship they want. It will take time, commitment and strong intention. We know how to support people in making discoveries, choices and actions that change their lives. We are looking forward to watching each participant flower into a new role ~ wife.

To that end each participant will be supported to look deeply within herself to:

  • uncover what she wants a relationship for.
  • examine what may be in the way of that relationship.
  • make the required shifts.
  • align herself with what she yearns for in a partner or husband.
  • be coached on her unique path of drawing to her what she wants.
  • discover how to make the life she wants to happen ~ each day.

There are many components to Marriage Works:

  • 5 Weekend Courses ~ 2–4 days in length.
  • 25 "Working with Your Guidess" groups, weekly from 6pm - 8pm.
  • 26 Guiding Sessions ~ weekly individual coaching sessions.
  • Special Subjects ~ Thursday evenings at 6pm:
    • Men Tell Us About Themselves
    • Making Space for Him
    • Getting Ready
    • Choosing Well
    • Being a Goddess
    • Loosening Up
    • Graciously Receiving
    • Dress Rehearsal

In addition to participation in the course work above, women will:

  • complete assignments on outside sessions.
  • keep a log of their discoveries and learning opportunities.
  • identify places of support in their lives.
  • organize celebrations of their accomplishments and invite men to parties.
Components of Marriage Works

Personal Interview 1/2-hour
Each participant will return the “I want to be there sheet.” We will send an application to fill out and then schedule a personal interview with Marilyn and staff to discuss your intentions and goals for the course and answer any final questions you have about your participation in the Marriage Works Intensive.

Relationship Course 4 days - 72 hours
An expanded version of the “Having What You Want with a Man” Workshop designed to reveal participants what is in the way of having what they want. Introduces many of the concepts used in the six-month course and begins the fast track to a relationship. It will demonstrate the shifts and changes necessary to feel powerful in relationship. When women feel powerful they think differently. When they think differently, they feel differently — stronger and more optimistic. When they have different feelings they are able to take different actions. When they take different actions they will have different results...and husbands. There are 2 more extended sessions with this focus, one, a 3-day course plus a 2-day weekend near the end of the Intensive.

Working with Marilyn/Maureen 58 hours
Weekly group sessions with Marilyn to uncover, empower, deepen, strengthen, open, expand, lighten, demystify, cheerlead, rearrange, delete, laugh, cry, heal, invigorate, educate, practice, tolerate, learn compassion, understand men, slow down, speed up, stimulate, fascinate and magnetize what you want...and then being able to receive another's love.

Weekly Guiding Sessions 26 hours
Each week a participant will have an individual session with her own Guidess (formerly called Coach). Each woman will have the focus and attention of her Guidess as she tries out the information presented and integrates it into her life. It is the place to speak about confidential issues and ask for clarification on the material being introduced in the sessions. The Guidess will help move the participant along toward her stated intentions, problem-solving the learning opportunities and reminding the woman to live from the Marriage Works philosophy: “Everything I want is happening, it's just a matter of time.”

Clearing the Way 40 hours
Often what comes between women and relationship is the inability to know who they are and the effect they have on others. By removing discomforts of change upsets that happen in dating and relationship and taking too many things personally, women can become an environment where what they want happens. These courses, both of them, will cast light on what it means to be human and the natural power of being a woman. They are designed to help participants be more of their authentic selves, more fully who they were meant to be and thus less defended and more attractive. They will be more open, confident easy easy with themselves and have an expanded ability to be with a wider range of people, thereby having a greater spectrum from which to choose a mate.

Men Tell Us About Themselves 8 hours
These two evenings will give participants the opportunity to ask any question they have ever wanted to ask a man . . . and see and hear his response. They will have the opportunity to see want men want and desire from a woman and with a woman. Candid, clear communications with our panel are bound to be both revealing and relieving. “We have some wrong information. Be with the man in front of you ~ not the one in your head.“ in an important art of finding a great relationship.

Making Space for Him 11 hours
An Interior Designer leads a lively evening on how participants can get their homes ready for relationship. Clearing out, stocking up, the feng shui of relationship, man-readiness and surprise topics will be discussed. In the following 3 weeks the Interior Designer will meet with each woman for 3 to 4 hours in her home to address specific issues of color, furniture placement, energy-flow (Feng Shui), decoration and more. The goal is that she will “help create the environment that both soothes and expresses what you are all about.”

Getting Ready 8 hours
Image Consultant and clothing designer Debra Cox conducts an evening on how to shift your presentation towards relationship. Smartly casual as well as evening clothes will be discussed leading participants to feel comfortable and prepared for every dating situation. In the following 2 weeks Debra will visit each woman's closet making new combinations with clothes the participant already owns, help her try out new looks and also clean out what is no longer needed. “When you make space for him, he can come forward.”

Choosing Well 16 hours
In a day and three evenings we’ll help you get clear about the qualities you are looking for in relationship. You’ll make lists, visualize situations that you want to share with your man and see the patterns of potholes that you fall into around relationship. You’ll practice attracting what you want, experiment with the interviewing process and refine all your lists. Many women marry men who were originally experiments. Marilyn did.

Be a Goddess 13 hours
Artist and healer Sylvia Moss will lead sessions helping you remain grounded and balanced while exploring relationships with men. She’ll show you how to glow from within, be more calm, and breathe correctly to take in any situation more fully so you can make the best choices. You will expand your intuitive ability, perceiving a person's inner nature in a powerful way and knowing how to interact more deeply with your creative, playful side. All leading to being more comfortable in the presence of a husband. “A rose is itself, and the bee comes.” is our motto.

Dress Rehearsal 3 hours
A field trip to a leading bridal shop owned by one of our graduates to examine at array of fashions for that special day. You'll have an opportunity to try on dresses and begin to visualize what kind of wedding day you'll want. “If you can see it, you can have it . . .“ a beautiful wedding day.

Loosen Up 9 hours
A series of evenings with artist, writer and Yoga instructor Carole Forman will help participants feel better in their bodies and move with more ease and grace. Opening up is a process we spend our lives doing. Carole says "Open mind, body and spirit which must happen if we are to enjoy men."

Gracious Receiving 3.5 hours
Maureen Walsh and guests will help women open to accepting all the wonderful gifts, tokens and special times that men want to give. Helping men know what you want, being pleaseable, inspiring generosity and being grateful are part of the process. Samples of specific gift items as well as engagement rings and wedding gifts, will be explored so “Participants can begin to identify what symbols will remind them they are cherished and loved,” says Maureen.

Parties 8 hours
We will have two parties for women to use as a laboratory to watch and learn about themselves and how they operate in social situations. When one sees what may not be productive, it is often easy to avoid future missteps in the future. The parties will shift from the competitiveness of normal singles gatherings to a more generous, relaxed and supportive opportunity for meeting men. Each woman will be encouraged to bring several men with her who are ready for a relationship but in whom she is not interested. “Our parties usually have more men than women ~ and the men are terrific!” says one of the participants.

Total Course Work 276+ hours

The Marriage Works Intensive is built on 30+ years of experience, thousands of hours of staff training, tens of thousands of psychotherapy sessions and rooms full of satisfied women and men who have participated in our Workshops. We help women uncover their natural power and obtain whatever they want in their lives ~ a husband, fulfilling career, more money, better relationships with family, friends and colleagues and a greater sense of possibility in their lives. At Life Works Inc., the parent company, we say: “Join us at Life Works and create a life you're glad to wake up to.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Marriage Works help women understand?

  • That they are special and unique.
  • They deserve to have what they want.
  • If they do not have what they want there is nothing wrong with them but there is something in the way. That “something” can be discarded and overcome.
  • It is possible to possess what makes you happy and fulfilled.
  • Relationships are easier than you think. There is a knack and you can get it.
  • It is possible to find a man that is good for you and to you.
  • It is possible to find a comfortable balance between work and your personal life.
What is Marriage Works interested in achieving?

Life Works is a place where women can discover what will make them happy and fulfilled, what will reflect who they are and what is authentic for them. We are interested in having women use our resources to move through confusions, resistances and unknowns in the way of having the lives they want. We provide workshops, seminars, retreats, and individual guiding sessions.

From what premises does the relationship work come?
  • It is possible to have what you want
  • Men are interested in making women happy
  • If you don't have what you want there is nothing wrong with you and something is in the way
  • You are worth going through the hard part

The best of women do not have relationships worked out. This is a modern, leading edge issue. It means you are a thinking woman who does not want to settle nor repeat the life of your mother and grandmother.

Please contact us if you are interested in this unique and intense program. You may want to begin by taking our “Having What You Want with a Man Weekend” course and start working with a Guidess. All our courses will help you get ready for a husband while you wait for Marriage Works to be offered again.