Marilyn Graman

Marilyn Graman Founder of Life Works

“The greatest thrill for me at Life Works is to lovingly observe people releasing what is in their way of living an authentic life. A life that fits them, brings joy and pleasure, grace and ease and allows, happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment and contentment. Over all these years that Life Works has been in existence it has become clear that an authentic life is possible for everyone.” 

Marilyn Graman is a Psychotherapist, Workshop Creator and Leader, Author, Interfaith Minister, and Shaman Practitioner. Marilyn says that she learned most of what she knows about human beings in her 12 years as a kindergarten teacher in Jamaica, Queens. She is a graduate of The City University of New York and holds a Masters Degree in early childhood education from City University. She has been a psychotherapist since 1978 with a thriving practice in Greenwich Village.

She began what is now Life Works Inc. in 1984 with business partner Maureen Walsh. The business’ mission is to help people have more of what they want in life. She has developed a curriculum of courses for women and men, structured to teach and support the process of creating and living an invigorating, fulfilling and meaningful life.

She has appeared on television and radio, gives lectures around the tri-state area and has taught regularly in Dallas, San Francisco and Mexico. She has co-authored 3 books: The Female Power Within, There is No Prince, How to be Cherished. She was ordained at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in 2007 as an Interfaith Minister and has been a Shaman Practitioner for the last 6 years. A resident of Fire Island’s Fair Harbor and Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, she travels extensively, studying what it means to be human around the world.