Manifestation Retreat — Creating What You Want

Manifestation Retreat — Creating What You Want

Friday 10 am - Sun. 6pm

Join us for the retreat to call forth all that you want in your life. We will focus on unleashing the power to create your birthright. People often have a sense of what they want in their lives but the picture may be blurry. During this retreat, we'll get clear and investigate obstacles. We’ll do profound, deep, liberating work.

You will learn the process of manifestation and practice it during our time together. It will change forever what you think is possible in your life. The questions this retreat will answer are, “How can I move past my limitations to be a fuller, more alive participant in my own life? How can I create the highest possible outcome for myself in this lifetime?” Marilyn will show you how to navigate through the energies and humanness, habits and training, callings and aspirations, to call forth the life you always had as a possibility.

You do not have to be a Life Works graduate to participate in this retreat. Friends, colleagues and family members - men and women - are welcome. Look deeply within and allow yourself this special opportunity to “take the lid off your life.”

The fee for the retreat includes 2 nights in a shared room, 7 gourmet meals, healthy snacks, in addition to the opportunity to learn how to create what you want in your life. There may be discounts for early enrollment.

Hours are 10am the first day to 6pm the final day. The fee includes the course, all materials, 2 nights in a shared room, 7 healthy meals, plus snacks. There is homework and materials to gather to prepare for the Retreat that you will be sent after we receive your payment. All fees must be paid one month before the Retreat.

If you want to take the Manifesting Retreat, email us or call to request the schedule. When enough women enroll, we will schedule the Retreat and send you an email. To attend, reserve a place for yourself by paying the fee, as space is limited. If you have participated in this retreat before, the fee to review is reduced. If you have questions, please call us at the number at the bottom of the page.

Printable and emailable flyer

Email to let us know you want to enroll in the Manifesting Retreat.

In the words of a Graduate . . .

In the Manifesting Retreat, three of the things I intended were, for my business to be Wildly Successful (honestly I knew better than to use those words but felt drawn to them nonetheless), to have a new home and a new place to work. I sold the business in April and moved to a new office in June. Shortly thereafter we sold our house (at above asking price) and bought a new one. We moved into our new home this past August . . . My apologies for taking so long to get you the new information. It was a breathtaking year!

My husband, my daughter and I are doing really well. We love our new space ~ it is spacious, light-filled, well-laid out, contemporary, and a perfect family space for us! Selling the business was a huge relief for me and I'm very much in the space of decompression and preparation for whatever is next. In the meantime I am getting much-needed and incredibly valuable time with my family.

Warm wishes to you,
A happy participant