The Life Works! Weekend

The Life Works! Weekend

Friday evening 7–9:30pm,
Saturday & Sunday 9:30am–7pm,
Men Welcomed

You are invited to join us for 2 and a half days to help discover the life you’ve been dreaming of. Through pre-workshop questions, participation in small groups and lively discussion, you’ll uncover the direction you would like your life to take. You'll discover what that life could look like day-to-day. You’ll refine your vision, creating a clear picture you can take with you. Most importantly, you’ll learn about the steps necessary to make changes in your life and how to get support for making and sustaining them.

This course has been enthusiastically received by participants who report a sense of relief and relaxation as well as aliveness and joy. It is excellent preparation for people interested in plotting the direction of their life and has helped those facing major life changes. It could be offered as a personal development course by businesses for their employees.


The Life Works! Weekend is designed to help you to
  • align you with yourself
  • know what is authentic for you
  • discover what will have you be content and fulfilled
  • reveal what has been preventing you from having your life be one you want
  • wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night knowing and experiencing yourself and your day as worthwhile
  • understand the process of change
  • know that you will manage any change needed to have the life you dream of
  • have increased authentic self-expression
  • experience more ease and pleasure in everyday life
  • find the resources needed within yourself
  • feel more in control
  • have opportunities and openings come toward you
  • be happier and more content with yourself

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You will experience that Life Works!

Let us know you would like to participate when the Life Works! Weekend is offered by email or call. When enough people request the course we will put it on our calendar and contact you first. Send payment right away so you will not be disappointed as space is limited. You can secure a place with a deposit of half the fee. All fees are due a month before the course begins. There is homework to be contemplated, gathered and researched before the Weekend. We look forward to having you and you are welcome to invite friends to join you.

The fee for the Weekend is $495 ($250 deposit) for people new to the Weekend. The fee is $275 ($140 deposit) for people who have already completed the course. Reviewers should send payment(s) to the office. All balances are due 1 month before course date to guarantee your place. Enrollments made after the 1 month deadline must be paid in full. Contact us below for further information.


A Sample

The beginning of your Pre-Workshop Preparation for the Life Works! Weekend

1. Write about how your want life to be.  Include practical elements such as money, work, where you want to live, etc.  Include a description of the texture you’d like your life to have, that is, what feelings, pace, intensity.  Also include reflection on how you’d like your relationships to be.  (l page limit)

You have a choice. You can live an extraordinary life filled with all the people, love and resources that add an exclamation point to everyday living. If you are committed to removing obstacles and experiencing a full, satisfying and committed to making a difference life, then email us to enroll in this freeing pathway into yourself.

You will be amazed at what is waiting for you. Email us today!