Knowing Your True Self

Knowing Your True Self

“Profound changes happen when you can consult an aspect of yourself that knows you like no other and can guide you in your life's journey.” You will be exploring old and new ways to capture and use wisdom you naturally possess to advance yourself, and others, to more closely live an authentic life. The way we know ourselves is through our personality, habits and behavior. Yet there is a deeper self, the essence of Self, that is the True Self. This True Self knows what is good and right for you. Discovering your True Self allows you to contact your deeper wisdom and support you in making authentic decisions for your well -being. During this day you will:

  • Find the wisdom that already lives inside of you.
  • Develop a deeper knowledge of yourself and your inner guidance.
  • Know what is authentically you.
  • Reveal how to feel safe and more relaxed every day.
  • Learn techniques to access inner guidance.
  • Discover how to be wise in any situation.
  • Become your own oracle.

No alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before and after the course. A good night’s sleep before you arrive and quiet time after the day. No perfume or scented products. Eat before you come so your physical needs are taken care of. Wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers.

Bring with you:

  • Two areas of your life you want to work on; areas in which you want more knowledge and peace.
  • A token...stone, piece of jewelry, or the like that you will carry with you to remind you of your wisdom.
  • A Journal to write in and something to write with.

Day One - 9:30am to 3:00pm.  Please bring lunch for yourself. Please send your prepayment of $175 for this adventure. Payable by check when you reserve a place in advance. Otherwise bring cash. Individual, private sessions are also available upon request.  The fee to review is $125 payable by check when you reserve a place in advance. Otherwise, bring cash.

Email us for more information.