An Invitation to Join The Natural Power of Being a Woman ~ The Gathering

An Invitation to Join The Natural Power of Being a Woman ~ The Gathering

You are invited to join The Gathering, an intense, specific, weekly, ongoing investigation into the natural power that women possess. It opens you up to your intuitive abilities, to the possibility of healing, to the developing of authentic self-expression, to the heart space, which is the source of love for yourself and others. It works on resolving your history, which in the past worked to limit your natural power, and brings you in touch with what is truly natural for women.

In The Gathering you will practice how to

  • Be in touch with the power that you are.
  • Provide practices to permit getting to know those aspects of yourself.
  • Develop the ability to use them for your own well-being and the well-being of others.
  • Know yourself as an individual and as a woman as you never have before, thereby gaining a true inner peace.
  • Know what is good and appropriate for you from a profound, deep place.

The fee for continuing women is $405. If you are joining The Gathering for the first time you must be oriented in 3-hour session, which has an additional one-time fee of $75 (total for first trimester is $480). To join us, please call our office at 212-741-8787 to reserve a place and sign up for the Orientation. Also please call to request additional information or have a conversation about your participation, or email us with any questions.

For more information, email us.

Printable and emailable invitation


If you were previously a member of The Gathering please let us know you are returning and make your payment in full before or on the first evening of the trimester. If necessary you can give us checks on the first evening the first 1/3 and a month later for the 2nd third and a month later the final payment and we will deposit your checks just after those dates. If you are returning to The Gathering we encourage you also to attend the Orientation as our guest to review the concepts and technology that forms the background of our work together.

Also recommended to prepare for The Gathering is our first book, The Female Power Within, which was inspired by the weekly work that women have done in the group since 1988.

Get to know the place where dreams do come true, Life Works.

We look forward to seeing you.