Introduction to Shaman Journeying

Introduction to Shaman Journeying

“How moving and exciting to journey to compassionate helping spirits living in other realms where they are waiting and available to provide healing and wisdom.” Shamanism has occurred in every culture over thousands of years in all geographical locations. Shaman journeying allows us to access information and energies that can awaken and restore us to wholeness. It requires a connection to and relationship with compassionate helping spirits.  During this course:

  • You will meet with 2 spirits who will guide you to deeper wisdom and knowledge.
  • You will learn rituals to set up the environment for journeying and learn what Shamanism is.

You will leave with:

  • an experience of ways to journey and access an avenue for self help.
  • background on ‘what is Shamanism.’
  • the ability to journey to and meet your helping compassionate spirits. They are your power animal and teacher.
  • the ability to self-heal.
  • a way to receive support, wisdom, insight and self-healing and experience of other realms of reality.

Preparation:  No alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before and after the course. A good night’s sleep before you arrive and quiet time after the course. No perfume or scented products. Eat before you come so your physical needs are taken care of. Wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers. Bring with you a journal or notebook dedicated to this course and a pen. A token...stone, piece of jewelry, or the like that you want empowered. A pad or blanket to lie on. An eye cover, eye mask or bandana.  A rattle or drum if you have one. Rattles will be supplied if you do not. You will need a rattle or drum to journey on your own after the workshop. Day 1, 9:30am-4:00pm; Day 2, 10:00am-3:00pm. Please bring lunch for yourself each day. The fee is $250 payable by check when you reserve a place in advance. Otherwise, bring cash to the workshop.

Email Marilyn or call her, 212-924-4935 to sign up or for questions.