Interweaving the Strands

Interweaving the Strands

We have developed tools and support to assist you in moving forward into our work, in addition to the courses we teach. 

Life Works Guiding 

Guiding, which is a high level of Coaching — perched just below therapy — takes place in the presence of a wise woman who has been steeped in our work, completed at least a 3-year training program and is supervised by Marilyn. 

Life Works Books 

We also have 5 books in publication, so you can read about our work in depth if you want to explore before you come to a course.

Free Gifts From Our Library
  • Life Works Chakra Meditation ~ available 24/7. Use whenever you need to center yourself. Women report that using the meditation leads to a good night’s rest and prepares them for a calm, focused day
  • Daily Female Power Meditations
    We say that “Female Power is most often noticed when it is missing.” So we have created 
    hundreds of aspects of female power and invite you to visit daily for a new meditation and 
    to grow your own femaleness. And more to come for you to share with those you care about.
  • Free Seminars
    Each month Life Works offers a free Seminar so graduates can be refreshed and reminded of  
    our work and theirs. Plus guests are invited to sample us. Now we have parts of these evenings 

    available here on our site as free gifts to watch at any time.
Join us at Life Works . . . 

Even though we have advanced our ability to communicate in the last 28 years, there is no substitute for being in a room with a group of diverse, exploring individuals looking into a subject that few of us take the time to question. There is no reason to live under the spell of old ideas and concepts that may not even be valid anymore. And yet we do live with them blocking our creativity.

Take a fresh look at your life.

Join us at Life Works and take a fresh look at what is possible in your life. You will be amazed at how much better your life can fit who you want to be, feeling yourself every day being drawn to more authentic self-expression. You can have more of what you want in your life. Guaranteed. 

It has worked for thousands before you! 
Call us at 212-741-8787 
or email your questions and requests.

Want to learn more?  

Life Works Books 

Life Works’ 3 strands
  • You with Yourself
  • You and Your Intimate Relationship
  • You and Your World