How to Be Cherished Weekend

How to Be Cherished Weekend

Saturday & Sunday from 9:30am - 7pm each day

Remember how you glowed when you were first in love with your man?

People loved being around you because you radiated happiness. The love you shared with your man made life seem good, and you were sure you'd be happy forever. This course will reassure and show you how you can have a luscious relationship again . . . and it can be even better than before.

It is natural for relationships to have an ebb and flow, to grow more or less intimate as circumstances shift. Relationships need care and nurturing, and often it's hard to know what to do.

This Workshop offers gentle and insightful guidance

Whether you need to perk up an already good relationship, find answers to solve particular issues, resolve a crisis, decide whether to stay or go, learn from a past relationship so this one works, reconnect with your man or recover from heartbreak to be ready for your next relationship, the workshop is here to help.

You have probably been searching for reasons why your relationship isn't as warm, loving and tender as you’d like. We know how difficult that can be and are happy to tell you that you don't have to do it on your own anymore. We will guide you to find the real reasons why your relationship might not be all you desire ~ and you may be surprised at what you find.

We’ll help you see there's nothing wrong with you

In fact, you are far more powerful in your relationship than you ever imagined. You’ll learn to use your power for yourself so you can have the happy, luscious, exciting, accepting, fun, caring relationship you desire. Not only is it possible, it's closer than you would believe. You can have it, you deserve it, and we will guide you there.

We’ll help you get the glow back and feel cherished again

Let us know you would like to participate when the weekend is offered by email or call. When enough women request the course we will put it on our calendar and contact you. Send payment right away so you will not be disappointed as space is limited. You can secure a place with a deposit of half the fee. All fees are due a month before the course begins. There is homework to be contemplated, gathered and researched before the Weekend. We look forward to having you and you are welcome to invite friends to join you.

The fee for the Weekend is $495 ($250 deposit) for women new to the Cherished Weekend. The fee is $275 ($140 deposit) for women who have already completed the course. Reviewers should send payment(s) to the office. All balances are due 1 month before course date to guarantee your place. Enrollments made after the 1 month deadline must be paid in full. Email us for further information.

Printable and emailable invitation

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A Sample

Want to get started learning more about “How to Be Cherished?” These are 3 questions taken for the preparations for the course. Think about and then answer these 3 question as fully as you can. Take your time, use extra paper and see what happens when you open the possibility of having more joy, peace and love in your life . . .

1. What are your intentions for your relationship?

2. What are your intentions for yourself?

3. What are your intentions for your man?

How important are these intentions for what you want in your life? You can have what you want in relationship, you only have to uncover for yourself what it is that you truly want that is good for you. Yes, it is that simple when you understand how powerful you are in your partner's life.  You're worth the time and attention to have more compassion, happiness and cherishing in your relationship. You have begun one small part of the 2-day course. Now call to enroll to change your lovelife!