How to Be Cherished Monthly Group

How to Be Cherished Monthly Group

Remember how you glowed when first in love with your man and after you took the How to Be Cherished Weekend? The love you share makes life seem good, especially when aware that you have to go first. You may need regular reminding to insure you can have a great relationship and that it can keep getting better and better.

You and your relationship need care and nurturing and often it can be hard to remember what to do. This ongoing group offers gentle and insightful guidance to keep opening to all he wants to give you and what is possible in your relationship. Taught by Marilyn and the Guidesses, the group will help you remember what works with him and to remind you that you don’t have to do it on your own. They will guide you in creating the relationship you long for and to keep it growing. You, like the women before you, may continually be surprised at all the love, ease and tenderness you find.

We will remind you how powerful you are in your relationship and how to use that power for your well-being and his. You deserve an hour and a half a month to keep your relationship on track. We’ll hold your hand until you get the knack and encourage you when you need it.

This group was requested by the women who have taken the How to Be Cherished Weekend course and want a monthly refresher on the principles and teachings of how to navigate a modern relationship and balance the parts of who we are as women. It reinforces the powerful perspectives introduced in the weekend and gives women a place to problem-solve their complicated lives. You must be a Graduate of the Cherished Weekend course to take the monthly course. We also have a bridge line available so women outside the metropolitan area can be in the room via telephone and skype.

Meetings are held once a month from 6:30–8pm, for six evenings of polishing and sharing how to be more cherished. The fee for 6 sessions is $240. 

Let us know you are interested in the Group being offered by emailing us.  When there are enough women interested we will let you know so you can be among the first to enroll thereby ensuring the course will be scheduled. Give yourself the gift of more grace and love.


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