Having What You Want with a Man

Having What You Want With a Man Weekend - our most famous course

Our Most Famous Course

The Having What You Want with a Man Weekend could be the most important gift you ever give yourself. It is possible to find everything you are looking for in a relationship. This course will show you how. Buy now, $100 to reserve a place. $395, check balance due by October 3. Reviewers $275. There is homework to research to be ready for the course. Congratulations! You have made an important choice for your future. Welcome!

For almost 30 years, thousands of women have found new relationships or reinvented tired ones with the revelations of this Weekend Workshop.

You can have the relationship you want

If you are someone who is having difficulty in relationship, welcome. Many of the most talented, attractive, intelligent and imaginative women today are struggling with this same issue. And it is no wonder. The world has completely changed in the past 50 years. The things our mothers taught us could still be true, but the lives they may have lived are so different than our lives today.

You’ll spend the weekend discovering just what it is you need and desire in a relationship. You’ll work through the influence of your parents and other important people in your past as well as what you learned from the culture when you were young. You’ll learn ways of taking good care of yourself and find out the truth about men. It is different than you may think. Finally, you’ll receive practical advice about how to choose someone who will be able to give you what you are looking for and more.

This down to earth course lasts two very full days. While you are doing your own work, you’ll get support and encouragement to explore what is authentically true for you. What you really want in a relationship is often the key to finding a relationship or shifting the one you already have. Isn’t it time you gave yourself the gift of a good relationship?

One marriage makes many people happy!

It can happen for you.

Over a weekend we will show you how to have a successful and satisfying relationship with a man. You will be part of an intense inquiry into how relationships work. You will see how your past, our culture and other forces have molded your relationships until now.

You will see how taking care of yourself, developing the ability to receive and explore women's natural power are crucial to have a good relationship. Finally, we'll have a frank and fun discussion about men ~ what they're really looking for ~ and it's not what we've been taught! We will give you a system for interviewing men and how to transform a difficult or just OK relationship into a great one. You'll learn how to diagnose problems and solve them so you can start having what you want with a man as never before.

With the right support

Your experience ~ your work ~ will stay with you, prompting you to new awareness, perception and actions. Consciously and unconsciously, you'll be using your workshop experience. And, sometimes when you least expect it, you will have new insights. If you're like other women, you'll be surprised and delighted that the results of the Workshop will not only help you have what you want with a man but also ripple through your life, enhancing all your relationships, personal and professional.

It is possible to have the relationship you desire. If you long for the strength and compassion of a wonderful man by your side who wants you to be happy, join us for this 2-day course. You can have what you want with a man and in 20 hours we'll uncover what that means for you. A remarkable value at $495. If you have participated in this workshop before, the fee to review is $275. More . . .

To join us for the next "Having What You Want With a Man" weekend course, email below or call 212-741-8787. All balances due one month before course begins.

$100 • Deposit for Having What You Want With a Man weekend course.
$495 • Pay in Full, Having What You Want With a Man weekend course.
$275 • Reviewers Fee for Having What You Want With a Man weekend course.

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Graduates write . . .

“When it came to relationship, I always felt locked out. Your workshop has given me the key.”

“For the first time, I'm meeting men who are good to me and good for me. It can't be a coincidence.”

“I’m seeing men differently ~ I’m seeing them as people. And I’m liking them again.”

“You were right. For once I couldn’t deny that I had bad patterns with men, tough as it was, I began to look at them. That was the beginning of change.”

“We’re talking about things ~ difficult issues we never talked about before. And we’re talking them through. It’s enriching our relationship. And it’s exciting. The difference is me.”

“Going into it I thought the workshop was about the man-woman relationship. So I am particularly surprised ~ and delighted that other relationships ~ at work, with my parents, with friends, too ~ have changed for the better.”

“My new boyfriend doesn’t have the look I’m used to and he’s totally different from the men I’ve always attracted. He’s analytical and sweet ~ not at all what I thought I wanted. But I get so excited when he calls with that gentle voice of his. We’re going really slow and my dating anxiety has disappeared. A miracle!”

“I did this Workshop four years ago and then met a new kind of man. I married him, enjoy a profound, loving relationship and am now having our second baby.”

In case you didn't see this article . . .

in Elle Magazine (June, 2001) by a Life Works graduate:

So, if I say I want the happy ending of marriage and children, why have my unions failed to move forward time after time? I’ve never even moved in with anyone. I wondered ~ a lot ~ which was what piqued my interest in “Having What You Want with a Man,” a women-only relationship workshop that is billed as six months of psychotherapy packed into a weekend. A main goal of the program . . . is to help women figure out how they get in their own way en route to happily ever after.

You can have what you want with a man . . .

The New York Times reports (3/5/00):

Ms. Graman said the women in her course must first be happy with themselves; she lives by the motto “the rose is itself and the bee comes.” She does not advise women to change themselves or to deceive men. “We’re learning how powerful it can be to be soft and tender. And contrary to popular perception. . . Manhattan is teeming with men who are eager to tie the knot.”

“They’re not the enemy,” she said. “I see a lot of men in business suits who are longing for a wife, for someone by their side. When the house is empty, they feel lonely. That's why I have no doubt that I can help a woman find a man, because I know there are men out there who want to find her.”


Both Maureen and Marilyn were unmarried when they offered the "Having What You Want with a Man" course in 1986. In that weekend they noticed that the women invited to be in that first course had a great deal of ambivalence about being married that they had never before realized. After all, Feminism was in full bloom in 1986, Female Power was still on the horizon and "Women without men where like fish without bicycles." Marilyn wed first and then soon after Maureen married Bill Speers with the promise from Marilyn that if it didn't "work out" she would help Maureen get divorced. So they knew the course worked because the two "Policeman," No, "Policeperson!" feminists were now married women, exploring first-hand what it was like to be committed to one man.

Marilyn’s husband died suddenly in 1995 and she faced what keeps many women from getting married - the fear of him dying and the heartbreak of being widowed. Maureen began teaching the course as Marilyn moved to studying Shamanism. She enjoys helping women find a way to better understand themselves and men in our world so recently and dramatically changed. Unwinding people from their history and outdated beliefs about being married, opening their hearts and realizing that they have a lot of bad information, as well as understanding female power, makes for a very big weekend. Women today want to know how to be authentically themselves as well as someone's wife, daughter and even mother.

Maureen has been married for almost 25 years and no one is more surprised than the happy couple. They have learned how to craft a marriage and creative lives that suit them both. When they get into the inevitable "rough patches" they have established ways and means to return to the promise of cherishing each other. They are planning one of their extended live abroad experiments to celebrate the miracle of a quarter of a century partnership.