Gloria Waldman

Gloria Waldman

“Life Works has shown me that my way is not necessarily the only way; that patience and slowing down can actually allow me to move forward. People feel heard in my presence and truly listened to. And I am centered and powerful. My boyfriend is the beneficiary of my work with Life Works and feels taken care of and safe in my presence. This is the life experience that I bring to my guiding.”

Gloria Waldman is a native New Yorker whose travels have taken her from the Bronx to Spain, Latin America, the Caribbean, among other points east, west, north and south. She is Professor Emeritis of Spanish language and literature, Women's Studies and Latin American and Ethnic Studies at York College of the City University of New York. She also teaches Latin American and Latino/a theatre in the PhD Program in Theatre at the CUNY Graduate Center.

She is the author of numerous articles and the following books: Feminismo ante el franquismo; Luis Rafael Sánchez: Pasión Teatral; Argentine Jewish Theatre, An Annotated Anthology; Women Writers from Spain, A Bio-Bibliographical Source Book; the co-translator of Borges, In/and/On Film; co-translator of the biography of the 19th century anarchist, Luisa Capetillo, Pioneer Puerto Rican Feminist, as well as Drama Critic for the daily newspapers, El Nuevo Día in Puerto Rico and El Diario/La Prensa in New York. Her latest book is about the popular theatre actor and playwright who died in 1988, José (Papo) Márquez: Vida y Obra del autor de Esquizofrenia Puertorricensis.

Since her college days at CCNY she has been involved in transformational technologies and the personal growth movement. She manages to combine her academic life and her personal life with that as a cabaret singer in both New York and Florida where she performs with her Gloria Waldman Swing Combo. The Band can be seen on YouTube. Her first CD, has just released, GYPSY IN MY SOUL, includes American standards as well as Latin favorites sung in Spanish.

The anchor of her active and exciting life is her work with Life Works which she credits with giving her the tools to create more satisfaction and depth in an already fulfilling life. She met her boyfriend, Jerry, in 2011. She insists that she would never have been ready or available to him without the Life Works technology that allowed her to own her part in their relationship as a first step in making a relationship work.