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Gifts from Our Library

Welcome to our Library!  Although we have scattered information throughout our web pages for you to enjoy, concentrated here you will find a changing group of tips, thought-provoking ideas and even fun looks at modern life that can be thought of as a virtual Swag Bag.  Come here often when you want a relaxing meditation, a video to give you something to think about anew, excerpts from our books and courses or previews of new ideas.  Please tell your friends, family and colleagues who want more power, wisdom and love in their lives to check us out.

Many women find us at a friend’s wedding when they ask how she found such a great guy. Others took a Seminar. Now, women increasingly find us via the internet. However you found us, congratulations. In the past we were not so easy to find.

As a reward for making it to the bottom of our website, we have gifts for you to sample to see if Life Works is the “right place for you to find the life that you dream of.”

1st Gift
Life Works Chakra Meditation – available 24/7   LINK

Use whenever you need to center yourself. Women report that using the meditation leads to a good night’s rest and prepares them for a calm, focused day. Others have used the meditation in “a prayer stall in the women’s room at work” for an inspired self-caring, uplifting break in a busy day.

This Chakra meditation opens and cleanses all our power centers. It is found in print in “The Natural Power of Being a Woman” book under Learning at Home. Use it whenever you need a spark of Life Works, to be reminded of your growing power, what may be disturbing your peace and uncovering your authentic desires.

Download mp3 for podcast / archive (Total time ~ 25 minutes)

2nd Gift
Female Power Meditations - Daily
Such as “A Powerful Woman knows she can change her world gracefully”

We say that “Female Power is most often noticed when it is missing.” So we have created hundreds of aspects of female power and invite you to visit daily for a new meditation and to grow your own femaleness. 

This can be a wonderful exploration of what is on its way toward you so that when it arrives you can receive what you already manifested. Women are natural visionaries. All we need is to nurture our natural ability by paying attention to it. A powerful way to make this envisioning more concrete is to create a practice of daily meditation. Changing daily here on our Home Page - the one with all the boxes. 

3rd Gift – Life Works Pages

From our teaching, books and new courses samples, we will feature pieces of wisdom from our Library to move you toward what you want. Changing bi-weekly. Come back to be inspired, grow your wisdom and change how you see your world.

Currently featured are:  
Quick Help for Having the Relationship You Want
How to be with Your Man Series, Part 1 - The “15 Minute Rule”
Someone Will Always Be Prettier
You’re More Powerful Than you Think - Part 1

4th Gift – Digitized Wisdom
Monthly Seminar

Yes, we are bringing back the Life Works Monthly Seminar – with a twist.

Watch The Natural Power of Being a Woman (with intro)

Every month on the 2nd Wednesday, from February, 1987 when newly-minted Grads requested a way to be reminded of what they learned in the first “Having What You Want with a Man” course, until October 2010, we presented a Monthly Seminar. Many of you may remember going to the Upper West Side to Swami Satchidanananda’s first home in the US, Vishnu’s Yoga Studio at 72nd and Broadway, the Barbizon on the East Side and, finally, to the top of 55 Fifth Avenue. Remember how it rained those 2nd Wednesdays more often than not? Thanks to you loyal Grads who turned out anyway!    

Now with the miracle of digitization, we’ll post one of the Seminars from our Archives right here – on your desktop, laptop or tablet. You can watch it whenever you want. You can gather friends and call up the monthly Seminar on your big screen. Some of the earlier videos are rough but we couldn’t imagine the technology which would allow using them like this. Watching these videos as Marilyn first presented them and being there in the room is exciting, and in some cases shows us how far we have come.

You can help us by telling us what you are being poked or choked by and what you’d like to learn more about. Seminars were always where we presented our newest material and graduates brought their friends. Check the Archive and tell us what topics you would like us to update or revisit.   Archives.

5th Gift - For Those you Love
For the Young Women in Your life

We all have daughters, nieces or special young women we would like to spare the pain of heartbreak and let them know how powerful they are.  I’ll bet every woman reading this still has wounds from that tender time in our lives.  Perhaps we could help skip a generation and let the young women we know not have their feelings and hearts crushed.

Here is a piece that Cosmo Girl commissioned from us that may help our younger friends navigate those first encounters with boys/men.

Grow Guts and Lead Your Life!


We’ll draw together near the end of the year with a meditation on change and shifts coming next. You can share this with friends over the holidays. Think Solstice, completing one year and visioning what is coming. Please send my invitation via the email link below. 
Email us

For a LIMITED Time 
Web Launch Bonus      

Free, autographed books.
We invite you to give our books to women interested in having more of what they want in their lives. While not to be confused with the intensity and transformation of the live courses, the books are taken from workshops each participant paid hundreds of dollars for. We are looking for more women to serve - women like you who realize they have a contribution, perhaps still uncovered, to make with their lives. 

For now, you pay only $5.00 for each hardbound book, including shipping and postage, plus $5 for each additional book.  To forward a book to a friend, send us an email with her full name, address with zip, phone number and email address, the title of the book you want and receipt number from the PayPal transaction.  We’ll send the books for you.


Your choices are  

Order 10 books and we’ll send you 2 for yourself, an even dozen. Buy books so you have a supply to give as gifts. These beautiful, colorful, hardbound books change women’s lives.

Since 1984 we have been growing wisdom and providing what our Grads asked for, sometimes before they articulated what they wanted to learn about next. Our delivery technology changed from mailing monthly flyers and teaching in-person, retreating together and producing 3 books inspired by our courses. Now most communications are emailed, reaching women around the world with a few strokes or finger waves and learning in the privacy and convenience of their homes. Talk about change!

Please send us an email of who would like to receive news from us.

Acknowledgement and Thanks

A project this large could never be done without a great support team with many partners.
I want to thank these very special people who I am thrilled to have on my team

Allen Crider, the best, kindest, most patient web person I know, for 12 years 
                Allen Crider

Terran Cismowski, ever-faithful, exacting and a generous copy editor
                Terran Cismowski

Patricia Walsh, designer extraordinaire, clarifier and encouraging spirit
                Pat Walsh

Bill Speers, for creative language, faithfulness and tender-hearted support
                Bill Speers

Kate Ingram, who maintained and supported our web presence for 11 years
                Kate Ingram    

Susan Walsh, who handles our search engine work so we can be found online    
                Susan Walsh

Eben Pagan, internet guru who from his stage inspired this HUGE project
                Eben Pagan

Ellen Lampert who came forward in 1996 to get us on the internet
                Ellen Lampert

The Guidesses of Life Works for willingness to assist and counsel women

Marilyn Graman, my partner in waking, empowering and serving women.
                Marilyn Graman

And to all the women known and yet to come
who by their use of information contained here
help uncover our collective female power
and ability to create the lives we dream of

For any issues with this website please contact me at

Thanks for playing with us!