The Gathering

The Natural Power of Being a Woman ~ The Gathering

Yes, a place each week to be authentically, fully who you are is one of the joys of being a member of Life Works’ ongoing, mostly weekly, The Natural Power of Being a Woman ~ The Gathering. It is a place to express yourself in a group of other women who are working to make their lives and our world better. The essence of the ongoing group is to explore yourself and have a weekly touchstone where you can come back and be part of a grounded, conscious conversation. In a world where everything is shifting, The Gathering continues to be a place of mindfulness and magnificence, of looking deeply into yourself to feel into what is best for you. These conversations help you uncover what is authentic for the woman you are becoming.

As we say at Life Works, our female power is most often noticed when it is missing. If you have had the feeling that something is missing in your life, you are being called to join The Gathering to explore yourself with ease and begin to see what is ahead in a dedicated and focused time each week ~ the female way.

Over the 25 years we have been offering The Gathering, we have seen miracles of self-discovery in hundreds of women's lives. Pieces of themselves and dreams of self-expression unique to each woman have been revealed, nurtured and blossomed while we watched. We have said time and again, “If she can do it, so can we all.” It is an anthem that gives us all strength to go on when the inevitable darkness appears. And it surely is comforting to have people who share the ride that life is, revealing facets of humanity we seldom get to see so deeply in life. Do join us and explore the essential you and who you are becoming.

The Gathering takes the best we have to ponder and contribute, and provides a place for it to shine through. We have the opportunity to see ourselves as women on the way to our wisdom. We all need a place to welcome and practice our deep knowing. Do join Marilyn, Maureen and the Guidesses in the little corner of each week where we practice unfolding the "who" we are meant to be.

“The Gathering will change what is possible in your life.”

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