Follow the Yarn By Reba Linker

Follow the Yarn
The Knitting Wit & Wisdom
of Ann Sokolowski

By Reba Linker


Sometimes you do not know what your story is until you start to tell it. When I wrote Follow the Yarn ‘life’ overtook my original intention to write a simple knitting manual; the resulting book tied together many strands: a memoir of my knitting teacher, Ann; autobiographical material; life lessons; as well as the original strand: a collection of Ann’s knitting tips.

As the life lessons began to outpace the knitting tips in the book, I underwent a parallel transition from dance studio owner to author and coach. Writing Follow the Yarn helped me discover my true purpose. At last I was able to stand and say: this is my truth. “Amazing grace, Ann came into my life and provided the key to unknot the childhood trauma that had continued to shape my experience well into adulthood.” Writing about Ann, I felt touched by grace. In Follow the Yarn, I share that experience of grace and the exciting adventure of daring to follow the yarn to places I had not dreamed going. 

About Reba Linker

After a career in dance and arts management, I am now focused on writing and coaching, based on over 30 years of study with a spiritual teacher. In my books and coaching, I lead from the trenches, sharing my life lessons in healing from trauma, fulfilling our highest potential, and creating our best and happiest life.

My new book, Happiness is a Habit, will be released in 2015. Other books include The Compost Heroes, about which folksinger Pete Seeger wrote: “If there is still a world in 2011 it will be billions of little things that will save us. Thanks, Ms. Linker!” THANK YOU, Pete Seeger! (The Compost Heroes is available on Etsy, at RebasTreasureTrove.)

I have traveled widely as a storyteller, bringing the message of caring for our planet, for ourselves and for each other. I live with my family in New York City.

We congratulate Lifeworks graduate, Reba Linker, on the publication of her book Follow the Yarn. Available on Amazon. 

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What people are saying . . . 

Who would think that great wisdom could be passed on by teaching and learning wisdom. Not for knitting lovers only, this is a how-to-knit book, yes, but more importantly a story of healing and wisdom.”
—Marilyn Graman, Lifeworks

“Tattoo this on your eyelids! This book is really, really good. . . . It’s got everything going for it; funny stories, heart warming anecdotes, awesome information about how to take care of your knits, and a mass of other little facts and details that range form interesting to ‘ohmergawd how did I not know this???’ It gets an A+ from me!”
—Theo DeAndrea, DayDreamKnits

Follow the Yarn is a triple threat! First, it is a superb study guide for anyone who knits or ever wanted to knit; second, it is a deeply moving story of a mentor and her student; and finally, it is an inspiring tale of the author finding her voice as a writer. Reba’s clear, luminous style smoothly combines Ann Sokolowski’s encyclopedic knowledge of knitting with lively, humorous anecdotes. Follow the Yarn is a fitting tribute to a master teacher and a one-of kind-woman.”
—Deborah Pietsch, 
Gail Straub, Empowerment Institute; author, Returning to My Mother’s House: Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine

“There is so much wisdom in this book. ‘Follow the Yarn’ is about being mindful to what you hear, feel, and smell, and the surprises that arise when you commit to being awakened by life. Read to learn about knitting, and about your Self.”
—Rabbi TZiPi Radonsky, author, AND: Building a World of Connection through Jewish Mystical Wisdom