Finding Your Authentic Self

Finding Your Authentic Self

Friday 10am to Sunday 6pm

Join us for this retreat to help you live the life you were designed for. To wake up each morning fully present, alive and eager for your life to unfold. This retreat will return to you parts of yourself lost in childhood during traumas and upsets as aspects of yourself un-nurtured and not encouraged, thus, reawakening your creative, curious and joyful self. You will learn to become more fully you and bring what is good and right for you into your life.

In 3 days, you’ll gain a clearer vision of yourself and your purpose, see the possibilities in your life and forge a stronger relationship with your future. You will be better able to handle the upsets that are a part of life and be clearer about your talents and accomplishments. You will see all the possibilities and relationships you are here to embrace and more fully understand and claim the gifts and experiences that are your birthright.

Uncover and greet the magnificence that you are and you will experience being fully alive and profoundly relaxed within yourself. You will be more available to enjoy your life, be more of “who you are meant to be” and experience more fulfillment and happiness. Understanding what is next in all 3 areas that we work with at Life Works ~ yourself, your intimate relationships and your world ~ your life will glide forward as your authentic self blossoms.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to be more fully yourself. The fee includes the course and all materials, 2 nights in a shared room, 7 gourmet meals and the opportunity to learn about yourself and what is true for you. You do not have to be a Life Works graduate to participate in this Retreat, so your friends, colleagues and family members ~ both men and women ~ are welcome to join us.

To attend this Retreat, click below to let us know you want to enroll and when there are enough people interested we will schedule it and send you an email first. The please send your payment as soon, as possible as space is limited. There is homework to be done and materials to gather in preparation for the Retreat that you will be sent as we receive your deposit. All balances must be paid by one month before the course begins. If you have taken the Retreat before there is a reduction in the fee.

Questions? Please call 212-741-8787 or email us through the link below.

Printable and emailable invitation

Email that you want to enroll in the Finding Your Authentic Self Retreat and we’ll schedule it.

Retreat Preparation Preview
When you look through pictures of yourself at various ages and in diverse environments what do you see?

Spend time with your photos or gather them from family and friends and remember what was going on and how you felt at the time?

Note what your thoughts, emotions and body sensations are telling you?

Make some notes since your experiences will be useful in learning about your authentic self.