Father Retreat

Father Retreat

Thursday am to Sunday 6pm

The Father Retreat is like no other course we offer. Our generation of women, perhaps more than any others, modeled after their father’s lives, as feminism formed a major tent pole allowing us to emulate their careers. Our relationship with our fathers is the backbone of all our relationships with men – our expectations, fears, pits we fall into and the model for how we give and receive love. Until we deeply examine this most important relationship, we live in the shadow of it. As far as we know, only one place does this deep, liberating and life-shifting work – Life Works.

You can change your relationship with every man in your life . . .
Interesting possibility, isn’t it? You can have all your connections with men change in 4 days? Sounds like a miracle doesn’t it? It is true because who changes is you, from the very center of your life.

Free yourself from the compensations and the bending away from your authentic self you thought you must do to be your father’s daughter. How you regard men was formed from your relationship with your Father, whatever it was. You looked at how your father interacted with the world and generalized from him how to be successful with a man. But you were just a little girl and some of what you saw was impossible to understand. You have some crossed wires and places to heal to be your full, lively, loving and authentic self.

While what works in relationship with men needs to be honored, there are deep and profound parts of yourself that keep you from having what you want. They are buried in expectations, experiences and hurt places we each harbor and recoil from when life resembles an earlier, painful situation. The Father Retreat, in a safe and guided space, will allow you to go back and release the parts that don’t support you and to heal from that first relationship with a man – your Daddy.

This is a deep and powerful clearing for every woman and may well be what is between you and your full expression and love for a man. It impacts how you hold all the other men in your life; brothers, bosses, colleagues, friends, anyone you perceive behaves like your father.

Our retreats feature great food, a time to rest and renew, movies that inspire and the opportunity to meet great women. The fee is for 3 nights in a shared room and 4 days of gourmet meals. You’ll return invigorated, optimistic and confident that life is moving in your direction. So reserve a space as soon as the Father Retreat is announced and send your payment. Prepare to be feeling lighter, freer, more relaxed and more loving and loveable.

The Father Retreat is profoundly liberating and life-shifting. It opens us to new relationships with ourselves and the men in our lives by examining that first and most important relationship ~ the one we had with our Daddy/Dad/Father. Earlier participants report outstanding results in many, sometimes unexpected, realms of their lives. We intend that the retreat will increase the possibility for peace within ourselves and with the men who fathered us.

You are invited to join us for the Father Retreat
In between sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to eat healthy food, get to know some great women, be in nature, relax, rejuvenate, release what you no longer need and realign your intention to live a remarkable life. (wainwright House in retreat intro)

The fee covers the course, shared room, 10 gourmet meals and the chance to unburden yourself of thoughts, feelings and body sensations that no longer serve you. If you would like to attend the Father Retreat please reserve a place for yourself as soon as it is announced, as space is limited. If you have participated in this retreat before, the fee to review is reduced.

There are homework and materials to gather to prepare for this Retreat that you will be sent after we receive your deposit. All fees must be paid one month before the Retreat. If you have questions please feel free to email us.

Father Retreat Results

Printable and emailable invitation

Email that you want to enroll in the Father Retreat and we’ll schedule it.

If you are clear that you want to take the Father Retreat, please email or call us to request it to be scheduled. When enough women enroll we will schedule it and we will notify you first via email. All balances are due in the Life Works office a month before the first day of the retreat.

“There is no other place we know of that does this deep and life-changing work. Let us know you want to be with us today.” —Marilyn

In the words of our Graduates
“I just had to let you know how grateful I am for the work I did at the Father Retreat. I left so much baggage behind and feel so much lighter about issues that have bothered me for my whole life.” —Carol

“I think taking the retreat was one of the best things I could have done for myself. It gave me the tools to deal with my life in a new way.” —Ellen

“Since this retreat, my compassion for men and my husband has shifted and deepened. Forgiveness freed me up to have a loving relationship and a husband.” —Susan

“I was able to be open to a new relationship with my father as who I am. Also, I was able to change my relationship with my future husband and get engaged 8 months later.” —Debbie

“I just had to let you know how grateful I am for the work I did at Lifeworks’ Father Retreat. I felt very taken care of for the whole weekend. I’d like to attend the Manifestation weekend, too.” —Jeannie