Family Systems Constellation

Family Systems Constellation

Empowerment Constellation - One Day Event

reveals places where we suffer from loyalty to challenges, wounds and fears of your family's past. Practitioners say that present-day problems and difficulties may be influenced by traumas suffered in previous generations of the family, even if those affected are unaware of events in the past. The weekend provides "a transformational walk for those ready to live in the flow of love, life, health and prosperity." Join us for this extraordinary opportunity to see and understand the water you swim in and release yourself from deep wounds that might shroud your magnificence. This is a profound and moving experience. 

March 2, Satruday, 9:30am to 6pm 

Let us know you will attend by emailing us and by sending $350 to the office at 31 Washington Square West, Suite 6E, New York, NY 10011 to reserve your place. Seating is limited.

“The souls of children and grandchildren are receptive to the unresolved traumas of their parents and grandparents, and to their repressed thoughts and feelings. They take them into their own psyches.  These thoughts and feelings that the parents have been unable to integrate are internalized by the children and grandchildren and felt in their souls, as if they were their own. In time they become mixed up with their own experiences.  Like a virus in computer software, they occupy the ego-program of descendants once they are activated by triggering events.”  Franz Ruppert 

From participants

“Because it's so experiential, the learning is on a visceral level and it's hard to put it into words. It was an amazing experience. I can’t wait for the next one.”

“It was moving to watch or stand in for family members and ancestors whose unresolved issues are still running our lives to some extent. These issues were often resolved in unpredictable ways. The experience was different from anything I've ever seen or participated in and also a true vacation from the anxious, preoccupied mind--it was fully absorbing and very peaceful.” 

“In the weekend I was able to have a new level of healing around my father and around money. This happened not only when I was the subject of the exercise, but also by experiencing other people's exercises.”

“I had access to my intuition in a way I never had before. And because of that I was able to know what was true without knowing how I knew. But then other people verified that it was true which was "mind blowing." It really was like having a sixth sense.

Because everyone else in the room seemed to also have that sixth sense, information was available in a very visceral way. I was able to put myself in my parents' shoes in a way that had me experience a whole new understanding of them and therefore to feel compassion for them in a deep way.  I was able to experience the effect of my grandparents on my parents and then on me.  None of this was a mental experience.  That came later.  In the moment it was a visceral experience as if it was happening now - which made it so much more impactful.”

“Feeling softer, more open loving my friend the Knowing Field. Do not really have words and I like it.”

“I saw a perspective on my life that has never occurred to me.”

“I'm looking forward to doing this again.  It's like months and months of therapy in one weekend.”

Marilyn Graman’s Constellation Biography

Marilyn Graman is a Psychotherapist, Workshop Creator and Leader, Author, Interfaith Minister, Shaman Practitioner and Constellation Group Leader. She has had a full time Psychotherapy practice for the last 39 years.  Marilyn was trained by Francesca Mason Boring, an international leader and author in the field of Constellations. She also studied with Carl Buchheit, Jamy and Peter Faust, Edward Tick, Mark Johnson, Gary Stewart, and Sneh Victoria Schnabel, all of whom are leaders in the field. Marilyn is also part of an ongoing practitioners group.

Email Marilyn or call 212-924-4935.

Your invitation to join us for a Constellation Weekend

Greetings to Women Releasing Themselves,
We are looking forward to the next Constellation Workshop Weekend and are hoping that you will be joining us for this extraordinary experience. This powerful and profound work will assist people to release their power, authenticity and whatever is holding us back is the essence of the many faces of Life Works.

We want this course to be liberating and healing. Please come forward quickly as there are limited spaces in each weekend course. Once we have filled the course we will begin a waiting list, which will become a registration list for the next weekend the course is offered.

This is also a weekend you may want to take many times as the opportunity of seeing how our history and what gets passed down to us can be healed, no longer twisting us or holding us back.

We are privileged to be living in time and place where these unprecedented experiences are possible.
 Make sure you will be attending the course by letting Marilyn know in these two ways:

Respond by emailing us now that you will be attending the two day course.
To secure your place, mail or bring to The Gathering a check for $350
 or two checks, one for $175 dated now and the other for $175 dated no later than one month before the course. Make checks to Life Works Group and mail to: Marilyn Graman, 31 Washington Square West, Suite 6E, New York, NY 10011.
We anticipate a powerfully healing weekend. Presenting this work is an honor. 

Details of the Constellation Weekend:  
(Please read through this information to support you for the weekend.)

Hours: 9:30 to 6:00 each day. Please arrive at 9:15. 

Get plenty of rest before the workshop and after the workshop.
Leave plenty of time to get to the workshop so you come in peacefully.
Have a hearty breakfast before you arrive.

The full names of your parents and grandparents, including maiden names if you can.
The Terms and Conditions Letter signed.
Lunch for yourself each day. 
A notebook to write in.

Coffee, tea and fruit will be served.

Any questions? Email Marilyn.

Printable and emailable invitation

 A Sample of Constellation Work

This is an article by Marilyn’s Constellation teacher, Francesa Mason Boring that she wrote for the holidays. It is worthwhile to read it and try the ritual she recommends. 

Family Constellation is a method that has been circling the globe for more than thirty years. The fundamentals of the work are influenced by indigenous wisdom so one might say that much of the work is as old as humanity and as organic as the common blood that flows through a family.

Family Constellation honors a holistic definition of both family and events. When one has been to war, or lost siblings or children early in life, or had one or both parents die, or if members of the family left kin and country to immigrate to the United States, the family may have experienced trauma—a frozen state, an inability to fully bond or be vulnerable to love as a result. When we do not embrace our family history, when we are looking from a place of our own expectations and readiness to judge, it is easy to find reasons that various family members do not “cut the mustard” and are a pain to endure.

What would happen if we were to look at our family in a systemic way? What if we were first to honor what life has decided? What exactly did “life” decide?

Where we were born
When we were born
To whom we were born
Which phenotype we express
The language we speak
The economic stratum to which we were born
Whether we were born with infirmities or challenges.

The truths of how we entered life cannot be changed. We may spend money in therapy indefinitely and the truth of our family’s destinies will never change. If we were to honor what life has decided what would feel different?

What do we want on the holidays? “I wish my brother would be more generous.” “I love my sister, but I hate the way she is raising her children.” “I love my father, but he had no right to leave my mother!” What would happen if we simply honored life—or even bigger—destiny?

Ceremony and ritual are again finding their place in our families and communities. Rather than spending time bemoaning the flaws of your family members, consider starting the upcoming holiday season with your own pre-holiday ceremony to honor your family’s story.

You can do the following as visualization, but you may also find it helpful to construct your own ritual. Try to do this at home before you leave for your family gathering, or before your house is invaded by hordes of relatives.

Select representatives for your parents and all of your siblings, using any representation you choose: pebbles, candles, silverware. Start with the eldest to the youngest of your relatives. As you place the “representative” of each family member, trust your heart and make one simple statement. This is not a revisionist narrative: “My brother is the eldest, but he is juvenile, so we never consider him the oldest sibling.”

This ritual honors life. Simply state: “This is my eldest brother; life decided that he came first and that is why he is the oldest sibling.” If one is adopted, that is also a truth of life. “I was born from a mother and father and life decided that others would care for me.”

Perhaps there is something painful, “This represents my eldest brother. He died when he was a baby and it was too painful to speak about, but today I give him a place. I represent his rightful place in the family, he is the first-born, he died early, but he is my big brother. Even though destiny decided that we would not have the opportunity to know him, he is the first-born of my father and mother.”

Spending a few minutes engaging with the truths of your family history, even in this simple way, can actually ease our endless wish for everyone in our family to be different than they are. Connecting to Our Ancestral Past and Family Constellation may support your continuing journey to find the ancient path of the simple truths of life.

What a relief to honor the perfection of life and family.