Evolving Video Introduction

Evolving Video Introduction

More about Evolving in Marilyn’s own words and added to by participants is viewable here in her first Introduction to Evolving from our Archives. Please pardon the lighting but no one can say it better than Marilyn.

She demonstrates the powerful and profound wisdom-gathering we have developed in The Evolving Nature of Being Human and how it has changed our lives. Invite interested friends to join you and learn about becoming a Woman of Authority. Be sure to write down your questions and email or call 212-741-8787 to speak with Marilyn or Maureen.

Here's an Introduction to The Evolving
Nature of Being Human from our Archives
so you can learn more about this deep
work that will lead you to becoming a
Wise Woman

Introduction to Evolving Part 1
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Introduction to Evolving Part 2
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Download Introduction to Evolving Worksheet