Enjoying Intimacy

Enjoying Intimacy
Opening your Heart

Friday 10am to Sunday pm

It is your birthright to possess and express love and tenderness. Somewhere, among l our achievements and busyness of everyday business, we seem to have lost or mislaid our female nature. Our ability to create and bond and to maintain rich and heart-opening, communicating and nurturing experiences is natural for us.

We watch others ~ in TV commercials, movies, in the streets, and some days everywhere ~ possess what we long for and it brings us to tears. Without the self-expression and meaning close and enduring relationships provide, we are continually trying to find our home. We know we belong somewhere but can’t feel a deep connection. After some time, we may give up trying to uncover what is missing in our lives and become resigned. Why don’t we feel love and affection rippling through our lives, every day?

What is missing is our place in the hearts of those we love, having genuine compassion for them and, thus, ourselves. We are missing peace within ourselves and in our relationships, perhaps in part, because we fear losing them, being bored if the searching ends, or a hundred other reasons. Why don’t you join us and discover your reasons for missing that deeper connection?

This complicated knot of contemporary existence cheats us of the best part of our lives ~ the love we deserve. At Life Works when we come to a boulder in way to having what we want, we don’t stop. We gather all our resources, dig deep and investigate until we release and understand the obstacle. We aid in the uncovering of new possibilities of being, authentic and individual to each searcher. We research, practice and refine new behavior until we are reunited with our true nature, becoming whole again. Each woman becomes a beacon of wisdom and possibility to help the people around her.

For almost 30 years we have developed the technology, process and practice of having more ease, satisfaction and love in our lives. We hope you will join us in this new study. You’ll recognize those who choose to. They will be happier, more authentic, powerful, clear, loved, loving, and broadly-smiling women. To plan to attend this Retreat, please click below to let us know you want to enroll and when there are enough people interested we will schedule it and send you an email before we announce it. Send your payment as soon as possible as space is limited. There is homework to be done and materials to gather in preparation for the Retreat that you will be sent as we receive your payment. All fees must be paid by one month before the course begins. Send check payable to Life Works at address below. No credit cards for retreats.

The fee for the retreat includes the course and all materials, 2 nights in a shared room nestled in gardens near the water, 7 gourmet meals, healthy snacks, in addition to the opportunity to learn how to create what you want in your life. There may be discounts for early enrollment.

Hours are 10am the first day to 6pm the final day. If you have taken the retreat before there is a reduction in the fee. There may be a reduced rate for early enrollment. All fees must be paid one month before the Retreat.

Printable and emailable invitation

Questions? Please call or email.

Intimacy Retreat Thought Questions

What does intimacy mean to me?

What about being intimate am I worried about?

How would I like intimacy to be different? What would be my intentions for the Retreat?

Email that you want to enroll in the Intimacy Retreat and when we have enough participants we will email you.