Creating a Sacred Relationship with Yourself

Creating a Sacred Relationship with Yourself

“The experience of your life will be different when you create and nurture a sacred relationship with yourself. You will attract wonderful empowering experiences, people and circumstances in a way you were not able to before.”

  • What life will be like when you have a sacred relationship with yourself.
  • Honor yourself as you would like others and life to honor you.
  • Be able to do the things that are important to you with less resistance and more ease.
  • Have a forgiving, gentle, empowering and loving relationship with yourself.
  • A sacred relationship with yourselves that will allow you to more easily:
    • Do things that are good and right for you.
    • Make sure you are treated well.
    • Feed your body and mind with healthy, nourishing things.
    • Do what is authentic.
    • Set appropriate boundaries.
    • Have a more balanced life.

Via the vibration set in this sacred relationship and ritual, things will happen naturally. During this Course you will:

  • Develop a sacred relationship with yourself.
  • Discover and release what is in the way of that sacred relationship.
  • Feel renewed, vital and positive about yourself.
  • Be open to good, authentic things coming toward you.


Think about areas in your life that have resistances to your well-being. No alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before and after the course. A good night’s sleep before you arrive and quiet time after completion. Eat before you come so your physical needs are taken care of. Bring with you a Journal to write in and something to write with. A token to carry with you that will remind you of your sacred relationship with yourself.

Day One, 9:30am-4:00pm. Please bring lunch for yourself. Please send your prepayment of $175 for this adventure. Fee to review is $125. Payable by check when you reserve a place in advance. Otherwise, bring cash.

Email us for more information.