Being Wise in Everyday Life – The Practice of Shamanism Courses

“I was always attracted to Shamanism but very involved in the work of Life Works and my private practice. Entering my wisdom years I wanted to learn more about the deeper issues of life," says Marilyn Graman. “When I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, I still felt the longing to expand my spiritual life without going deeper into a religion.”

“I thought that to practice Shamanism, I’d need to take drugs and go far away to participate. I found out that was not necessary. What I sought could be accessed inside me and I began to pursue the study, practice and healing art of Shamanism.”  

Shamanism is the earliest spiritual healing practice known to mankind. It has been practiced all over the world, in all cultures for thousands of years. That the practice of Shamanism has survived and thrived for tens of thousands of years speaks its potency.  

Shamanism can help anyone seeking a practical way, to heal oneself, or to find answers to life’s questions. The practice of Shamanism allows us to access information and energies that awaken us and restores us to wholeness.  

There is a dramatic revival of Shamanism in the West. People from all walks of life are attracted: housewives, corporate executives, psychotherapists, body workers, physicians, scientists, retail workers and others join together to have Shaman experiences.  

People usually come to Shamanism for spiritual experience or practice without connection to a religion. What differentiates Shamanism is that the practitioner and participants contact compassionate, healing spirits, not living in this realm, who do healing and provide wisdom. This creates a feeling of wonderment that, after spending time in Shaman practices, becomes more real and less a mystery.

Marilyn Graman has designed the following courses, using Shamanistic practices, to provide experiences that heal, provide insight and create a spiritual connection. They can provide ways to self-heal, to empower ourselves, to receive support and to connect with wisdom.