The Clearing the Path Retreat ~ Forgiveness

The Clearing the Path Retreat ~ Forgiveness

Friday am to Sunday pm

We are living in a time of extraordinary change and opportunity. This new era is an opening to create a future beyond our dreams and visions. How to best position ourselves to work with all the change and shifting that is inevitable today?

We free ourselves from the clutches of the past. In our time together at the Wainwright House we will free ourselves from pieces of our history plus actions and inactions we still hold against others and ourselves. We will be unburdening, realigning, lightening up and releasing to have a life more spontaneous, with a higher possibility of ourselves.

We will clear the path, leave the past back where it belongs and move into this new present with freshness, clarity, ease, grace, abundance. The retreat facilitates deep and profound releases from our histories so we can respond to our lives and the people in them with a clear, authentic, alive self.

Hours are 10am the first day to 6pm the final day. The fee includes the course, all materials, 2 nights in a shared room, 7 healthy meals, plus snacks. There are homework and materials to gather to prepare for the Retreat that you will be sent after we receive your payment. All fees must be paid one month before the Retreat.

If you are clear that you want to take the Clearing the Path Retreat please email or call us to request it to be scheduled. When enough women enroll we will schedule it and will email you first. If you would like to attend the Retreat please reserve a place for yourself by paying for it, as soon as it is announced, as space is limited. If you have participated in this retreat before, the fee to review is reduced.

Email that you want to enroll in the Clearing the Path Retreat and we’ll schedule it.

Printable and emailable flyer

Taken from the Introduction to the Clearing the Path Retreat:

We are here to clear the past to have more choice, more freedom and more authentic self-expression in the future.

We are here to heal the past to attract and create a life that reflects and enhances us and those around us.

We are here to unburden ourselves to embrace the future in a lighter, less attached, less burdened way.

We are here to release what is in the way of the light, the Self that only can to be.