Cheryl Marks Young

Cheryl Marks Young

“Life Works has taught me the world is full of possibility and we have the power to create and be creative in our lives. In this process we can dream and include everything we want for ourselves as we design a life we truly want to wake up into.”

Cheryl Marks Young joined the Life Works Advanced Program in 1997 as a single businesswoman in New York City, in search of something more. Her intention was to learn how to stretch time to be able to do more, have more and be more in all aspects of her personal and professional life.

The Life Works technology provided a new perspective with a much broader universe of possibility. Using the support of Life Works, Cheryl designed a career she loves and married a wonderful man she met while doing her own personal research into the world of online dating. She brings her experience and Life Works training together to help others have more of what they want for themselves.

As a Life Works Guidess, Cheryl has created and teaches a course called Finding Him on the Internet. Cheryl works with her clients to help them to energize and balance their busy lives, deepen their personal connections and establish passion and purpose in their lives and work.

She is the author of the upcoming works “Chief Flexibility Officer – creating work/life balance in the C-Suite” and Momorphosis ~ What Every New Mother Needs to Know about the Transition through Motherhood (Overcoming the Myths and Embracing the Truths of Motherhood) and co-author of Live Your Purpose, Love Your Work.

Her professional experience includes senior management positions in the cable, media, entertainment, telecommunications and health and human services industries. Cheryl has held positions as a board member for several organizations. Cheryl was born in the Bronx and spent most of her childhood bouncing between New York and Virginia.

A lover of travel and the world, she has completed a life-long goal to step foot on all seven continents and plans to visit them all over again. She is happily married and resides with her husband, son and daughter in New Jersey.