Barbara Blair Dallosto

Barbara Blair Dallosto

“I have learned that though we often want things to be different and that change happens, we can be scared that it will happen too fast or that we won't know ourselves once it does. Through guiding others, I have realized that there are ways we can have more of what we want in our lives by learning how to take care of ourselves in the every day.”

Barbara Blair Dallosto has spent most of her professional life helping people to work out solutions. She holds a bachelor's degree in interpersonal communications from Hunter College in NYC and worked in the television broadcast industry managing people and projects throughout her business career. Most of her work satisfaction and enjoyment came whenever she was called upon to listen to a dispute and help people work through to a solution.

Though Barbara considers herself a true New Yorker, having spent a lifetime as a single woman living and working in and around New York City, she brought her heart to the San Francisco Bay area where she has resided since 2002 with husband, Gene, whom she met on a hiking trip to Switzerland and Austria in 1998. She now thinks of her life in California as chapter II after enjoying the city life of New York and now the quieter lifestyle of California.

Though her environment is more relaxed, she is actively involved at a local community crisis center and has become part of a large community of friends and extended family which includes two step-daughters and 5 grandchildren. As a result, she has become an expert of how to deal with the discomfort and fears of change.

Barbara has been a Guidess for Life Works since 1995. In this realm she feels that she's in her natural element. She says that guiding people through difficult times has helped her become clearer about what she wants in her own life. She continues to enjoy her guiding practice on the west coast working with clients throughout the country and abroad.