About Life Works

About Life Works

Life Works is an organization committed to supporting people to have lives that are fulfilled and satisfied. We support the well-being of each individual who crosses our path, providing them with ways to discover and fulfill their true, authentic self-expression and heartfelt desires.

What is now Life Works, Inc. was started in 1984 by Marilyn Graman and Maureen Walsh with the purpose of helping people have more of what they want in life. Since then they have developed courses for women and men, structured to both teach and support the process of creating and living an invigorating, conscious and meaningful life.

Our courses are created at the request of the women who participate in our programs. For instance, we began offering the retreats as a result of a 1997 conversation in one of the ongoing graduate groups. We had several long, lively discussions about the profound, life-shaping relationships women have with their mothers and how fully we continue to reflect our mothers in our adult lives. The group requested that we find a way for them to more fully look into that most important of relationships. In January 1998 we offered the first Mother Retreat, which continues to be a popular, freeing and life-changing 4-day retreat. This story can be repeated many times about almost all of our courses.

We are a woman-owned and managed business and are proud of the new perspectives that we have provided to thousands of women and men. We know our courses work because they are tested every time they are offered. We have a large archive of intellectual property and technology that can be applied in a multitude of ways and in diverse environments. We look forward to new ways to use the insights we have developed in 30 years of teaching. We welcome collaborations and partnerships with like-minded people.

Life Works, Inc.
31 Washington Square West, Suite 6E, New York, NY 10011
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Join us and you'll have more of what you want!

Who Is Life Works?
Life Works consists of two principals plus a staff of highly trained Guidesses (formerly known as Coaches).

Marilyn Graman says that she learned most of what she knows about human beings during her 12 years as a kindergarten teacher in Jamaica, Queens, New York. She is a graduate of Queens College and holds a Masters degree in early childhood education from City University of New York. A psychotherapist since 1978 with a thriving practice in Greenwich Village, she has developed most of the Life Works courses for women and men.

Marilyn has appeared on television, gives lectures around the tri-state area and has taught regularly in Dallas, San Francisco and Mexico. With a fourth book in progress, she has a long-range intention to work in early childhood education again. Marilyn teaches ongoing groups,  and weekend workshops at Life Works' offices in Manhattan. She leads the training of the Life Works Guiding staff to accommodate the expansion of the organization's growth. A resident of Fire Island's Fair Harbor and lower Fifth Avenue, she travels extensively, studying what it means to be a human being. You can reach Marilyn at Marilyn@lifeworksgroup.com.

Maureen Walsh is the creative side of Life Works, Inc. and is a  "producer, publisher, writer,  workshop leader, and business therapist." She studied art history as an  undergrad and marketing for an MBA and has taught both undergrads and graduates in several universities in marketing and arts management courses. Her first career choices found her managing the Philadelphia Company, which was devoted to staging new plays, then the Children's Theatre Company, the nation's premiere company for kids in Minneapolis. Next Maureen served as the marketing director at the Brooklyn Academy of Music then at the Joffrey Ballet, organizing visibility for the national tours and New York seasons.


One of Maureen's hobbies is searching for a retreat center to become Life Work's Wise Women’s Home

A visit to the world of advertising at Ogilvy and Mather organizing the marrketing of romance novel book clubs was a way station on the road to her own consulting business in the early '80s helping artists and healers to have successful businesses. Life Works is one of Maureen's collaborations where she visited the world of publishing again and is a creator and publisher of our 3 books and 2 foreign editions plus is the "future seer" of Life Works. Others collaborations include her real estate ventures with writer and husband William Speers and the landlord relationships she has with her tenants.  In the mid-90s she created How to Make a Graceful Living, a course to help people find more authentic, self-expressive and meaningful work, especially valuable in our current environment of economic change. Next, she developed ReBoot Your Life to help people psychologically prepare for the second half of their lives and the bright glorious journey a new vision of retirement can be. Most people do financial planning but few actually look at how to make the transition from working to enjoying all the years ahead. She has recently created the new face of Life Works for our website which we hope you are enjoying.

She now leads the relationship area of  Life Works delivering the course that most women begin with at Life Works, "Having What You Want with a Man" and has created the the Relationship Support Group, No Prince Intensive and is at work on completing our 4th book, "26 Weeks to Love" which is based an a large course we offered in 2000  and  a book on the Life Works Workshop with the working title "Beyond Psychology."


Her maternal grandfather owned a small resort town in Iowa during her childhood. With that experience in her gene pool, she has been looking at summer camps, religious facilities and retreat centers to create several large projects / ideas. One of them is the Wise Woman's Home where Life Works women and their men can live together in community and continue to be productive as they move into their wisdom years. For more information on what she is looking for or if you are intrigued by the idea, click here.

She works from her homes in Santa Fe, NM, Palm Springs, CA and the North Fork of Long Island and can always be reached through 212-741-8787 or Maureen@lifeworksgroup.com.

Our staff of Life Works Guidesses includes
Barbara Blair-D'allosto • Carole Forman • Sara Lustigman • Cheryl Marks-Young • Sylvia Moss • Nell Robinson • Gloria Waldman-Schwartz • Marion Yuen

To begin "Guiding" email Marilyn@lifeworksgroup.com. Speak with her about who is the right Guidess for you.

More Information on the Guidesses


David Schaeffer plays Broadway tunes for a Life Works party. Yes, that is the Empire State Building and Midtown Manhattan behind him.

In 2011 we downsized from our penthouse at 55 Fifth Ave. in the heart of Greenwich Village slightly further downtown and are now located at 31 Washington Square West Suite 6E, New York, NY 10011. And as always by telephone at 212-741-8787 to talk to us about your interests, the issues you would like to work on and/or questions about our offerings.


What is the philosophy behind the work of Life Works?
Life Works comes from the philosophy that womanhood in our culture is in the process of change. This change began with the baby boomer woman challenging the status quo and pushing the edges of what is possible for women in the '60s and '70s and the change has continued through the '80s and '90s. The '80s saw women trying to be super mom, super wife, super corporate climber. The '90s eased up with women reflecting on what makes them happy and fulfilled, experimenting with balancing home and work, some leaving corporate life for more authentic self-expression, job sharing, starting their own businesses, and some women returning home.

The change is still in progress. Some young women are responding to their mothers leaving the home to fulfill themselves, others are responding to the fact that their mothers never found what would fulfill them and they are clear they will not repeat their mothers' experience. Today, women in their 30s, 40s and 50s are confused by the messages received from their pre-feminism mothers and the messages and experience through the years of transition. Women can be confused about their priorities, the place of a man in their lives, the balance between independence and interdependence.

We work with women to design their lives to fit who they are so they can discover what will make them happy and how to go about creating an authentic life. Each woman is unique with her own contribution to make. Life Works is designed to help each woman uncover what that means for her.