26 Weeks to Love ~ Finding Him

26 Weeks to Love ~ Finding Him

This course is created for the woman, no matter what her age, who is considering opening herself to find a relationship. It begins before she is even starts to look, while she is getting the first inklings that it is time to begin. As a result of the huge cultural shift we have all experienced the dating/mating landscape looks very different now and she is uncertain and unsure how to begin and how to get ready to be ready for a modern relationship. The course prepares her to welcome a man into her busy and often over-committed life. To take the time it takes to find a great relationship

It is a 6-month course is designed to help any woman get ready for and find a loving, supportive relationship. Using a 26 week by week program to move her toward her goal of having a man who is good for her come into her life. The technology and information is taken from a Marriage Works, a six-month, 276 hour, “marriage readiness intensive” costing $9600 what was offered at Life Works from March to September in 2000.

Beginning with the first clarifying question ‘Why do I want a relationship?’ and continuing thru the musings of what are the qualities she is looking for n a partner, she starts of focusing on herself as an active agent of choice. Yes, she will get clear and draw to her what she wants and ultimately choose what is good for her. And hopefully enjoy the process.

This is a step-by-step journey with many new directions and things to do to help her moving out of the stands and down on the playing field to actually begin dating. Then it will hold her hand through the stimulating experiences of men moving toward her. She’ll learn methods to savor and be alert as she enjoys dating and then give her guidelines for how to manage those months of dating and ultimately be ready to commit. It is episodic with the through line of having her get very clear about what she wants and how she can welcome those qualities into her life.

Many examples and anecdotes show her that many women before her have been amazed at how they created what they had envisioned. Also "hands on" opportunities each week. Topics below in 7 Strands over each week-guide her weekly to get ready to have the relationship she wants.

  1. Learning More about Yourself
  2. Conscious Choosing
  3. Getting ready
  4. About Men
  5. Loving Yourself
  6. Coming within & Envisioning
  7. Success Stories

“We will be asking participants to be, see and do many things very differently. Do you have anyone in your life who hasn't dated in years . . . and would like a relationship? Kind of locked in herself about where to begin? She would be a candidate for the course. Wants a boyfriend and doesn't know where to begin is our basic reader. Another reader is the sassy very defended, ‘I don't need a man’ type who has to be coaxed out from behind her elaborate defense structure and maybe an older divorced woman.” Maureen

Some samples from 26 Weeks to Love ~ Finding Him

You are a powerful creator and you can have the relationship that supports you in being fully yourself.

Can ask the question many ways

Why do I want a relationship?
Why do I want a relationship?
Why do I want a relationship?
Why do I want a relationship?
Why do I want a relationship?

There as many relationships as there are women. Relationship is not monolithic, rather as individual as each of us.

If you want life to be different you can begin by changing the things under your control. Your home and how you relate to yourself in your private time are a great place to begin having life be how you want it to be.

You have here the blueprint and the power to change your environment ~ the what is naturally attracted to you. The goal is to be clear about what you want and be willing to receive it when it comes.

We’ve done this a hundreds times ~ it works ~ keep on reading. Finding him is easier than you think. Relax and enjoy the opportunity to explore and examine what you really want. No nonsense only practical ways of looking at relationship.

Look around. What do other women have that you want, truly want? Open your eyes and begin to see the huge variety of ways people make up relationships. Move away from the stereotypes of tall dark and handsome or whatever yours are ~ make a list.
What your are drawn to is historical and clouds what is actually good for you. Begin to see what is important to you.

Where have you had trouble in the past? Those are places to be awake and in the moment . . . not asleep in.
What has happened that you want to avoid having happen again? How to do that? Forgive yourself and forgive him. This will open your heart.

Experiment in internet dating. Poll your friends for how they met their men and try out a few of their ideas.

Making your home man-friendly.

Imagine men coming toward you . . . men who can give you whatt you desire. Men who will be delighted to contribute to your life. Men who will encourage you to have more and more of what you want. Begin seeing men you have never seen before. Be fascinated by them, be intrigued by them. Smile at them.

“Congratulate yourself for finding this course and being willing to be willing to look at this perhaps challenging issue and take steps to help yourself. Something you have been meaning to do for yourself that you haven't taken the time for? " Marilyn

Now ask yourself “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself...right now?”

Finding Him – 26 Weeks to Love

Maureen Walsh and Marilyn Graman